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 To know me is to understand me - To understand me is a miracle  - Yours not mine - Rose C Taylor 1973


The depraved mind and heinous activities of a Pedophile exposed...

Having My Say

by Rose C Taylor

For all the Children. We are their guardians.

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The author was inspired to write ‘Poor Poppy and the Chocolate Man’ to help bring to the attention of all parents the realization that their children can become victims of a pedophile. At the same time she wishes to give the reader an insight into behind the scenes of the unknowing families, the law enforcement’s detectives’ efforts to help stamp out these ever increasing everyday heinous acts of behavior and the recognition for the introduction of harsher sentences.

The author also wishes to state that whilst the Australian Government has apologised to the stolen generation it is her heartfelt wish that through the pages of ‘Poor Poppy and the Chocolate Man’ a sincere apology will reach all of the children who have become victims of a pedophile.

Having My Say

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  CHAPTER 1 ALIENS Page Down       Chapter 2                             Comments

“For who but man can reach the moon, explore the stars, compose a tune, capture the mood of a setting sun, give thanks to God when day is done”. (Rose C Taylor 1973).

   Since the beginning of time man has questioned how, why and when he was created and come to form what we call the human race.  Did we evolve from fishes?  Did we descend from the apes?  Or, are our genes a throwback to a race of people who came from another planet and, who in time, contributed to the beginnings of civilisation and the course of history that ancient man would come to take? If the latter is the case it could be argued why the first man, who before their arrival, was so primitive?  If aliens had in fact infiltrated our planet they could well have unbeknown to our forbearers established themselves in any one of the great continents of this world.

   Was our idea of the cave man as we know him a ‘reject’? I can remember saying years ago after what must have been my sixth operation that had I been born by a computer it would have rejected me.  My own medical history has proven to be different to say the least and that is all I am going to say about it but I do know that medical science still shakes its head at the many unexplained medical phenomena it encounters.

    If God in his Divine Wisdom created man He must have first created the idea.  The world as we know it and inhabit is but one planet surrounded by the moon, the sun and millions of stars in a universe which we also acknowledge contains other planets, moons, suns and stars.   It is my theory that God, having created the universe, and thus our planet, then took his idea of man until His thought became a reality.

(His idea became a thought His thought became matter - refer chapter 3 ‘Thought becomes Matter’). 1                                        

   Having achieved this, I pose the questiondid this creation also take place on another planet?  Were the beings from this creation more intelligent? Was our planet more unique than others and were these beings destined to reach it? Have "we" already reached it and if so have "we" already won the day?

   Someone once said that when you were born it was a biological accident. I am suggesting a biological accident could have occurred thousands, if not millions of years ago.  We all know that man has in our time reached the moon.  Could his constant drive to reach other planets be a psychological urge to find his original beginnings?  If, before the ‘big bang’ the universe and its planets were within reach of each other, could not a highly intelligent race of people searched for life on other planets much in the same way as man is doing to-day?  If this were the case they, as I have previously stated, may well have set up base on earth.

   Let us take this scenario a step further. Having discovered our planet was not only rich with plants, minerals, springs and beautiful rain forests etc. but also abundantly so, the "Aliens" (whom we shall now refer to them as) would have, at the same time, set out to explore the various regions of our planet for signs of human life.  Did they find it? My feeling is, not at the outset. Remember we are dealing with highly intelligent beings. They have already perfected a means of travelling from our planet to theirs, they had tools and equipment to create cities, and they must also have had weapons to use if they needed them.  But this was not their main reason for searching for our planet.  I believe their purpose was more a means of a survival expedition.  In plain words their planet was dying.

   Having discovered the many natural wonders of our world the team of explorers would, in time, have returned to their planet and all things being equal would have set about preparing for further space flights in order to start settling their race of people on earth. I am sure they thought there would be many such flights.  I don’t doubt that part of this great plan took place, many archaeological finds, rediscovered lost cities and the pyramids, to name but a few could support it; however, something went wrong.  If, as we now know, the universe keeps expanding and as I have mentioned previously the "Big Bang" took place, then in all probability at sometime during their visits to their planet and ours the space ships they were continuing to build were unable to either get back from earth to continue bringing more of their people to it, or they were unable to return to earth. Quite possibly the ships involved could have become "lost in space".

   Working on this theory it is my belief that this is when those of the Aliens left on earth set out to find what we call "Man".  Therefore, it must be asked did their planet finally become extinct?  Were those remaining on their planet forced to start all over again?  If their space ships were capable of once reaching earth the only question left to be answered is did "they" have time?

   Yes, I believe they did find another planet; those remaining would have been quick to realise that the changes in the universe, which they were able to observe, meant that the space ships headed for earth would not be returning.  The survival of the last of the Aliens waiting to take the next planned journey to earth would have led to a swift decision being decided upon to board the remaining craft and navigate them through space.  Pilot ships would have left the main space ships and conducted the vital tests to ascertain the viability of inhabiting the numerous planets detected by them while undergoing this mission.

   As I have said I think they did find another planet.  I feel certain they were able to settle their people and put their talents to shaping their lives as they once knew them to be.  I also believe that through projected vision they have the ability to observe the world and if they choose to do so make themselves seen. pter 2

  CHAPTER 2 ALIENS/MAN     page down   Chapter 2

“To know me is to understand me – To understand me is a miracle – Yours not mine”. (Rose C Taylor 1973).

   We have now theoretically placed Aliens on our planet but before we take the next step let me explain my observations of projected vision.  If you stare at a light globe long enough then stare at a particular object you are then able to project the image of that object onto a blank wall.  With this theory in mind am I right in believing that the ancestors of the original Aliens have in fact perfected a more sophisticated means of doing this?

   I have stared at stars through a bare window on many a clear night and by concentrating on one particular star, quite possibly one of our known planets, been able to make it dance.  However, on one such occasion I must have concentrated for a moment too long because suddenly the star was heading for my window and it was at this point I ducked under the bed covers convinced it was going to crash though the window. I guess if it had I wouldn’t be writing this story.  These observations, therefore, could form part of the fundamentals of projected vision and could also be explanations for sightings of UFO’S.  Unless governments are hiding from us the real truth, no, I don’t believe there is physical evidence of flying objects and little green men.

   Having said this let us return to the Aliens on our planet and their subsequent realisation that further space ships were not coming back with either more of their kind and/or the necessary supplies to continue with their settling on earth.  How many Aliens were actually left on earth?  It would be reasonable to assume that there would have been a sufficient number of them to form a reasonably good sized community; among their most pressing needs would have been the continuation of fresh food and water. 

   If this were the case surely a group of them would have set out to explore the outer regions of the earth and it is at this stage that they, in all probability, came across "Man".  This then poses the question at what stage was "Man"?

   Darwin would have us believe in the "Ape man", Scientists would have us believe we evolved from fishes, while the Church would have us believe in Adam and Eve. They all make good stories and so shall mine.

    My story, Are we the Aliens? has man, after his creation, possessing the necessary senses that would enable him to survive. The natural progression of man, in time, would have resulted in the eventual forming of several groups of communities.  It is not hard to reason that when the Aliens came across man he was, compared to them, primitive.  I visualise man as being rugged with skin dark in color.  Man’s exposure to the elements of earth has lead me to this conclusion.

   As has been the case in the past history of the discovery of several of our own lands, we would have to describe man and his communities, in the eyes of the Aliens upon meeting up with them as "Natives".

   Were the natives friendly?  I think not.  Did they instigate any kind of battle?  They would certainly have not suppressed their right to defend their territory and if they displayed their determination to do so, one would have to reach the conclusion that a battle did take place. My feelings lead me to believe that only a short battle would have taken place with the end result being that the Aliens and man would have ultimately formed a compromise.  Is it not reasonable to assume that neither of them would have wanted their communities to perish?

   Were man and the Aliens content to go it alone?  No - I think it was inevitable that the two communities would become one and as a result of this integration of man and the Aliens the human race would have had its first propagation of interbreeding.  If this were the case then it is this view that leads me to say, as previously stated, does man have a psychological urge to reach his early beginnings through his continuous quests to find life on other planets? Chapter 1

   In my chapter ‘Six Digressions of Evolution’ (Chapter 5)I deliberate in more detail the consequences of interbreeding but in the meantime let us proceed, and in doing so, seek to arrive at the possible outcome of man and the Alien’s compromise.  The forming of such an alliance must surely have had its problems and for it to succeed there would needed to have been some form of communication between the two communities.

   Sign language may well trace its roots to way back then. However, one must agree that a common form of interaction between the two beings would have been an important necessity to help close the gap between them and their communities.  Although it could be expected that their attempts to overcome this barrier, would have been slow at times, their efforts to close the communication gap would finally have been realised.

   It could be envisaged that the agreed alliance between the Aliens and man would have been viewed with some suspicion by a number of members on both sides but given time those showing signs of apprehension would have had their fears and suspicions appeased and learnt to adapt to the changes taking place around them.

   We have now theoretically placed Aliens on our planet but before we take the next step let me explain my observations of projected vision.  If you stare at a light globe long enough then stare at a particular object you are then able to project the image of that object onto a blank wall.  With this theory in mind am I right in believing that the ancestors of the original Aliens have in fact perfected a more sophisticated means of doing this?

   The more we study the evolution of man and his ensuing trials and triumphs as he progressed towards the making of civilisation a reality, the more we can sense the touch of a race of people who when reaching earth, and in the course of time met up with man, offered him freely their knowledge and skills.  Their contribution to the development of a more efficient and beneficial lifestyle for both themselves and man cannot be denied nor can their numerous cultures which traces of can be found between the lines of the pages of our history.

   The rustle of the wind and the roar of thunder inspired them to create musical crescendos that we today could liken to the operas composed by Wagner.  Whenever they played their flutes they would turn the gentle sounds of rain into the melodious water music we associate with Handel.   Their litanies of thanks resembled joyous songs of praise. They were a people that truly embraced all that life had to offer and their love of life gave life to love.

   Might not the anticipation of man being once more reunited with the Aliens I write of be more than an end to a story?  Could it not rather be the beginning of a reality which started out as a dream?

   Never far from the Aliens minds was the hope that their own kind would return.  To say that they did not seek to find them elsewhere on earth would be amiss of me. Their high optimism would have had them on numerous occasions set off on searching expeditions and in the process establishing landmarks for them should they ever make it back from either their planet or another they may have inhabited.

   While on these expeditions it is to be expected that the groups involved would have set up further home bases resulting in the building of more cities which in time the ever expanding population of both communities would settle in.  Did they also come across other unknown settlements of man and if so did the battles start all over again? One would have to believe that if this was the case the Aliens, aided by their human allies, on reflection would no doubt have settled them swiftly.  It would not have been until man had finally become the sole survivor of the alliance between the two beings that wars and battles of great magnitude would have taken place.  Why do I say this - it is because when the original Aliens started to die out they would have taken with them to their resting place many of their ideas, their intelligence never being quite met by their next of kin.

This breed of Alien, unlike their ancestors, would not have had the ability to negotiate compromises nor would they have been as masterful. In time the descendants of the original Aliens would have dwindled in numbers until such time only those born through interbreeding remained.  Mans survival would have to be attributed to his ever increasing population.  Their numbers would have grown quite rapidly over the years and as there is always power in numbers those with the greater number would have sought to dominate any smaller group or community they encountered.  Was this power for the good?  When we study the history of our past we may be inclined to think not. Do we think likewise when we see the same familiar patterns in the make up of our current history, which we are leaving behind for future generations?

   We must also question mans own ability to construct cities of such incredibility.  Was this brought about because of the knowledge he gained from the Aliens and subsequently taught to his people?  The numerous remains of such a time which so far have been found have a certain mystery and the very nature of that mystery allows us to speculate all the possibilities as to how they came about.

   If these mysteries were originally lost due to floods and earthquakes then man would also have lost whole communities and much of the necessary provisions needed for survival.  Their journeys to find provisions would have led them to cross many rivers.  In order to embark on such journeys special rafts would have to have been constructed.  Over a period of time these rafts would have been improved upon, making them more reliable and durable.  Eventually their design would resemble those of the sailing vessels we have come to associate with the ancient mariners of long ago.  

   During their travels at this time the crews of these ships would in all probability have encountered other tribes with customs of their own.  War would not always have broken out for surely if man’s main quest was one of gathering provisions he would have wanted to do trade with the people on other continents.  Bartering had to start somewhere and along with it and the oldest profession in the world life went on.  And so down through history man and his communities spread and because of this all that followed starts to take shape.

   When we also look at our past history we can read of unearthed treasures and lost cities that are very modern for their time and it is with this in mind that I ask could they be the remains of the landmarks left by the Aliens for their own kind to find should they ever return to earth?  

   If we place on earth an Alien and his subsequent meeting up with man we can start to look at the outcome of such a meeting.  First and foremost the Aliens knowledge of building would have been far superior to that of mans and thus in supervising the erection of new and more sophisticated cities would have seen the shape of the world and its environment changing to one which was made up of what I would describe as very livable and civilised.  Their expertise on drainage would have seen the introduction of sewerage systems, baths that could be likened to hot springs and the use of running cold water for their cooking needs.

   Once more I question - can we pass off the notion that many of the discovered relics found by archeologists could not indeed be from such a time?

   With the coming together of Man and the Aliens, not only would their living conditions have changed but many other exchanging of ideas would have taken place such as the type of clothing worn.

   A few years ago when I was given garments to wear during an episode of the epic ‘Noah’ I observed that the undergarments of rough cotton were machine stitched.  I was amused by this and passed the comment "I wasn’t aware they had Singer sewing machines back in those days."

   However, I was to learn some time later that the threading together of garments was indeed carried out in the very early days of our civilisation.  Were the women of earth shown this practice by the Aliens?  The fine silk and woolen garments worn by the Aliens would have been greatly admired and the desire to wear such clothing would have led to the Aliens showing man how to weave and create his own particular style of dress.

   One can imagine that many drawings for the purpose of teaching would have been produced by the Aliens and although no space ships remained on earth for man to physically board and inspect I feel sure that sketches of these ships would have been drawn in order to help man understand how they, the Aliens, reached earth.  Do the drawings and the stories told by the Aliens still linger in the minds of modern man?  For the purpose of this story I think they do and are the driving force behind man’s eternal quest to seek out life on the planets surrounding earth.

   Many versions of the ‘stone age’ of man have been recorded by historians both past and present.  What I write of is an age of two races of people from two different planets meeting up and eventually living together side by side for a period of time which in itself helped shaped the future of our world.

   If we care to ponder this possibility we can picture in our minds man’s first encounter with a group of strangers entering his world.  And, it would be reasonable to expect, that man’s first reactions to such a happening may well have been hostile.  But, if in time these hostilities were resolved, the chain of events that we could envision following, as the result of a peaceful outcome, could well be classed as history in the making.

   As these two races of beings gradually came to close the communication gap between them many forums would have taken place at the meeting houses of the day.  The interest shown by both beings on their different cultures would have been discussed at great length.  While man would have marveled at the means by which the Aliens traveled to earth the Aliens would have been just as greatly impressed by mans cultivation of the land he inhabited.

   Among the many skills shown to man by the Aliens would have been their basic use of numbers and the way in which they applied them in order to calculate the distance between day and night.  Man would have come to learn the fundamentals of a sun dial which would have been very necessary when both races of people set out to explore the many regions of the earth. Facing the perils of the night would have been made less hazardous as their nightly rests could be more carefully planned with the aid of the sun dials.  The daylight hours in which to travel could be calculated more accurately thus giving a feeling of assurance to those parties of people setting out on the planned expeditions.

   It is not hard to imagine that by combining the expertise of both races of people along with the many sophisticated tools the Aliens had brought with them on their journey to earth great progress would have been made in the further developing of the fertile land which they now shared.  The feeling among them all that their alliance would enhance all of their lives would have been positive and their eagerness to contribute their skills and labor towards making the community a  prosperous one would have to have seen the start of the building of new cities. Working along side each other by day they would have taken to mingling with each other at night thus forming a comradeship among them.

   Place yourself around the many open fires where they would have gathered and you can hear the excited chatter of the people.  You quite possibly would also hear the chanting of praise to the higher being man believed watched over them.  The Aliens you would hear reciting litanies of thanks to this same higher being making the celebration of prayer a ceremonial rite.  And, if you listened carefully you might also hear the beating of drum like instruments accompanied by the soft and gentle strains of flutes fashioned from reeds.  The melodious sounds coming from the combination of these two instruments would create an atmosphere of great harmony and the people would start to sway thus forming the beginnings of the rhythmical dance movements we associate with such ancient times.

   We can also expect that the gradual introduction of further instruments would have been added to enhance their nightly festivities together with words of song like praise and no doubt these additions would eventually come to form part of their revered ceremonies.

   We only have to observe the American Negroes at worship to understand how song and dance can emit from them their deep religious feelings when giving praise to God.

   In the time I write of, religious rituals would become a daily custom, performed and practiced in and around the growing communities.

   Is it possible that such an idyllic age of man existed?  If it did I would have to describe it as a time when there was a true paradise on earth, a sanctuary built on peace and goodwill, a haven which provided not only food and shelter for its people but eternal hope for them to build their dreams on.  This paradise would have been presided over by the elders chosen by the people as a mark of respect to their collective years of wisdom.

   In turn the council formed by the elders would have set about administering a code of rules which would have predetermined the necessary foundations to maintain harmony among the people.  Any disputes arising out of dissent among the communities and, no doubt at times there may well have been, would have been settled by the council and its members.

   From the outset we have pictured man as an explorer and the Aliens as adventurous beings.  As their alliance continued to enhance their lifestyle so too did their desire to further explore the world.  Journeying with them in our minds would take us to distant lands reached only by the successful crossing of raging rivers and the climbing of exceedingly high mountains.  Overcoming both these perilous obstacles would have required skill and courage as necessary requisites for their explorations to be realised. Barge like vessels would have been built to carry out such journeys allowing for provisions to be taken with them to meet their daily needs.  Small donkey like beasts may well have also been be put on board so that they could be used as a means of transporting them across the vast areas of land they knew lay ahead.  Among the provisions needed for their travels you would have found water bags fashioned from animal skins.  Many of these containers would have hung from the necks of the donkeys; crude leather type harnesses placed over their backs would have provided the means of carrying various utensils which could be used when stopping at night to set up camp.

   Our travelers would have been well aware of the man eating beasts that would prey on them during the nights. While some members of the expedition slept others would have stayed awake forming a guard watch so that harm would not fall upon them, their donkeys or their provisions.  Strong men would have chosen to carry out these guard watches and they in time would have formed themselves into an army of men.

   This army of men would have led the way ahead when entering new found settlements negotiating for their people safe entry which would in turn enable them to replenish their dwindling provisions.  Trading would have been a common occurrence among the different races of people allowing for the exchange of goods and chattels and therefore introducing new items of interest to the market places of the day.

   While many of the people from the groups of explorers who had joined the expedition spent time resting and chatting among themselves the Aliens among them would have been busy chartering maps of the lands they had crossed so they could determine the direction of their whereabouts and the correct course they should follow.

   With the aid of the maps produced by the Aliens their navigational skills would have resulted in great distances being traveled by the various groups of people who formed the expedition.  They would have discovered along the way many of the great wonders of the world. Journals would have been kept of their journeys.  Their contents would have been a valuable source of information and would have been used by those who at a later time chose to embark on adventures of a similar nature so that they too could see the marvels described in the journals.

   It could be expected that some people from the current expedition might have chosen not to move on while at the same time those continuing with their explorations may well have been joined by a number of members of the communities they came across while on their travels. Changes would have taken place to the lives of many and it is this fact alone that we today living on earth are made up of many different nations spread across the worlds continents.

   We know that the original Aliens who chose to land on earth were not great in numbers therefore we would have to acknowledge that the original race of people, with the passing of time, would have died out, in fact become extinct, however, although we may not be their direct descendants, we can if we wish, perceive them to have been during their time on earth, a driving force behind the development of civilisations that man alone could not have achieved and that even today that force is still present.

   What were the thoughts behind modern man’s plan to reach the moon?  Did Nasser and it’s experts hope to find beneath the crust of the moon’s surface signs of life other than water?  Did our first astronauts when they reached the moon experience a feeling of anticipation that was not to be realised?  If we are able to achieve the space flights carried out by man today should we be attributing part of their knowledge and know how to a race of people who in a time far away paved the way for man to reach the 21st century?   With the already necessary technical skills available to man can he be confident that his future explorations of the universe will open up horizons once known only to the very Aliens I write of?

   If we acknowledge that such an era of time did take place and search for signs of evidence among the numerous artifacts belonging to that period of our history, many of which are displayed in some of the worlds greatest museums, we may come to a closer understanding of man both past and present.  This leads me to say that it stands to reason that as we delve into ancient history the very evidence of their existence may well be found among the remnants of the relics and ruins discovered over the years and which have been dated back to ancient times.

   The world as we know it is but a giant circular jigsaw its many pieces having been formed by the earths natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and the eruption of giant volcanoes.  As man and the Aliens faced these disasters they would have realised that many of both races would perish. In order to help those that survived, the Aliens, who were masters at record keeping, would have made certain that their data banks of information were kept up to date.  Although many of the original Aliens were diminishing in numbers every effort would have been made to leave records for the offspring of both themselves and man.  Had the Aliens had sufficient numbers to ensure the continuance of their race would the method of keeping these records have continued for a far greater time in the history of man?  Perhaps they are and further probing into the possibility of the Aliens existence on earth in a time far away may prove my point.

   Was man sold short when the original Aliens were unable to continue to keep bringing more of their people to earth?

   Had their numbers been far greater would their expeditions have taken them to further regions of the earth?  Would they have reached Africa? So far history tells us that many moons passed before white man entered Africa.  Would it be a different Africa today had the Aliens entered its territories and befriended the Black Africans in the same way they offered their friendship to Ancient man?

   I visualise the Aliens displaying their most courteous selves upon meeting up with the strong black men of Africa in order to avoid bloodshed and destruction. Being of high intellect they would have been quick to realise that they had discovered a race of people whose cultures were far removed from their own and would not only have afforded them the respect they deserved but delighted in the learning of them.

   By introducing to the earlier times of man another race of people, who had traveled from a distant planet to earth in order to ensure the survival of their own kind,  we are opening up channels of thought not yet fully explored by modern man.  To have these people integrate with man and together build the beginnings of a sustainable civilisation is no different in the way several small businesses merge in order to form a more profitable and viable organisation.

   Can we afford to ignore what might have been the first merger to have taken place and should we be searching for the answers more closely among the pages of past history?

   I first started to write this story when we were about to enter the 21st century.  A new millennium awaited us, one which would make us all be proud that man had reached it despite the many set backs he had to face since his time began on earth.  We have now already celebrated the start of this new era but must we take with us the fears and prejudices of our past history or can we, in an attempt to achieve a more peaceful existence for all mankind, leave them behind?  If the so called millennium bug could have done one thing for the benefit of us all it would have served the world and its people well by wiping out those very fears and prejudices, leaving in its wake the certainty of a fresh start. If in time this were to happen might the Aliens who visited us so many years ago be prepared to return to earth enabling us to be hosts once again to a race of people whose connection with our world has never been forgotten?  If the Aliens were constantly surveying our world through their means of the projected vision that I spoke of at the beginning of this chapter, could this be the time when once again they would be willing to re-enter the earth’s atmosphere?

   Would we find our differences to be many or would our similarities be more in keeping with that of modern man?

   My chapters on ‘Thought becomes Matter’ and ‘Astral Travel’ (Chapter 4) do allow us to gain an understanding of how we can relate to the possibility of man and the Aliens having in times past formed an alliance.  I leave it up to you the reader to leave your decision making until you have read through both of these chapters.

Note:  The character of Sheldon in the ‘Big Bang Theory’a sitcom produced at least 8 years after my writing of ‘Are we the Aliens?’and his ideas and proclamations can be found in many of the pages of ‘Are we the Aliens?’ Rose C Taylor November 22nd  2009.


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