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Having My Say

The depraved mind and heinous activities of a Pedophile exposed...

Having My Say

by Rose C Taylor

For all the Children. We are their guardians.

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The author was inspired to write ‘Poor Poppy and the Chocolate Man’ to help bring to the attention of all parents the realization that their children can become victims of a pedophile. At the same time she wishes to give the reader an insight into behind the scenes of the unknowing families, the law enforcement’s detectives’ efforts to help stamp out these ever increasing everyday heinous acts of behavior and the recognition for the introduction of harsher sentences.

The author also wishes to state that whilst the Australian Government has apologised to the stolen generation it is her heartfelt wish that through the pages of ‘Poor Poppy and the Chocolate Man’ a sincere apology will reach all of the children who have become victims of a pedophile.

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“If you do nothing, you achieve nothing. If you do something, you create a beginning.” (Rose C. Taylor Jan 2009)     Chapter 3   

   The idea of thought becoming matter must be taken back to first the creation of the world and then the creation of man.  We accept that all matter is a mass of atoms, the energy from which forms humans, animals, insects and the like included.  Billions of years ago, from this energy, the universe became a mass of planets and through the natural expansion of time the world, its stars, sun and moon were formed.  The environment of the world was one of warmth and beauty and to keep it safe God enveloped Himself around it in the form of a circle of atoms.  Each of these atoms in time created more warmth and beauty and the world became filled with virgin forests, pure rivers and unsullied land.  This natural progression led God to the thought of forming His idea of Himself from the circle of atoms surrounding earth. He then, from the remainder of the atoms, created a man and a woman and in my book God repeated this creation in many places throughout the world which in turn led to the beginning of mankind and the many different races of people who now inhabit the world as we know it.

   In reality we can apply this theory to our ideas and thoughts and their subsequently becoming matter.  If you have an idea and then think about it long enough in time you will have the necessary matter to create it. One interesting case I can remember was when I purchased an expensive crystal butterfly but felt it needed a special base to sit on.  Previously I had placed a crystal oyster on a small oblong mirror and thought the same idea would be suitable for the butterfly but I wasn’t happy.    After two days of trying various ways of displaying the butterfly, I came to the conclusion I would need a round mirror of a certain size and I would have to look out for one when I was out shopping but because I am a determined person and I couldn't stop thinking about it, it led me to remember that I did have just the right size mirror. It was part of a beauty bag I never used.   I am sure you the reader could relate to many similar occasions. 

   When man first applied his thoughts and ideas for the purpose of meeting his daily needs he did so because his very existence depended upon him following his basic instincts so that not only himself but those in his care could survive.  His need for shelter from the elements would have led him to utilise the materials the earth provided.  When finally his first efforts to meet his requirements were realised he would have no doubt been inspired to give further thought to ways and means of transforming his ideas and thoughts until, literally speaking, they became matter.

   With this in mind it is not incomprehensible to imagine, in fact believe, that man would have eventually implemented his very first ideas and thoughts to ensure his survival and in doing so, would, given time, mastered the art of providing for himself food, water and shelter.

   All great inventions, both large and small, begin with an idea. Over past generations man has developed great cities and in order to maintain them invented machines; all of which became a reality by the very process of thought becoming matter.

   When we look at the world of science we can easily apply this method. The very existence of the numerous vaccinations and antibiotics we rely on today is without a doubt unquestionable, while the continuing growth of the natural medicine industry would have to be attributed to man and his first ideas and thoughts in relation to the process of healing the body since the beginning of his time on earth.                         

   The world of advertising which lives and breathes ideas and is dependant on them for its very survival is a perfect example of thought becoming matter. Our daily lives are influenced by this medium which continually sets off a chain of events that in time create more thoughts which inevitably turn to matter.

   Having worked in this industry for a period of time I have seen the results of many of the ideas submitted by the creative employees of the art department.  In their final layout their vibrant presentations burst alive and I was able to witness first hand the notion that thought does indeed become matter.

   The masterpieces and great works of our past and living composers, together with the vast collection of paintings we are privileged to view in art galleries spread around the world are yet a further example of the process of ideas and thoughts becoming matter.                  

   It is when we study the works of the great masters of art we can truly appreciate their ideas and if we look at them from their angle we can almost see their explosions of thought on the very canvases they used to create their works of art. When Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Cistern Chapel his ideas erupted showering the ceiling with what can only be described as a brilliant kaleidoscope of colours. His saint like impressions jump out at you and this great work of art with its life like angels and cherubs allow us to embrace the very presence of heaven. These great past masters of art would have to be perfect examples of ideas and thoughts which have without a doubt become matter.

   The more we explore this theory the more we are able to see around us the results of its process and how with the passing of time man has continued to put the wheels in motion to develop from his ideas better cities to serve the needs of the people.

   They say that necessity is the mother of invention; however, the greatest invention known to us is the mind of man. His ability to create ideas which in turn have become matter has always led to turning points in history. Without mans curiosity and his desire to create, whether it be a work of art, a lilting melody, a best selling novel or a simple meal to accompany his wine, we would be denied the very joy they afford us. It has been said that anticipation is half the pleasure, then let it also be said that the anticipation of thought turning to matter is the other half.

   On the other hand, mention must me made that throughout history there have been times when man has had many of his ideas and inventions rejected the main objection to them being that they have been too radical. When presenting them he has been ridiculed for their design and his efforts to prove their worth have often fallen on deaf ears. History can also show that the progress of man has been hindered and without a doubt taken a step backwards because of the lack of vision shown in those he has sought out in order to obtain their approval. If the original ancestors of man had not been spurred on and encouraged to develop their ideas we would still be waiting for the wheel to be invented. Why I ask must the development of an idea that in the long run could meet the needs of mankind be denied us simply because of those who feel threatened by the thought of its success?

   Nevertheless, persistence in seeing an idea through to its final stage has always proved to win out in the end. The determination to explore the various methods towards the final stages of an idea can often take our inspirations to greater heights and render us with more positive results. From a tiny acorn does the oak tree grow and so too can one small idea. It is when we act upon the idea we automatically set in motion the thought that will ultimately be responsible for it becoming matter.

   But, in my opinion there has to be more and it is here that I would like to explore with you the coming together of ideas and thoughts through the means of ‘Astral Travel’.


   It is only when we dare to venture into the world of ‘Astral Travel’ that we are able to attribute much of man’s progress and the recorded achievements of his past history to that medium.



     "The great minds of the past live through the great minds of the present in order to come not only the great minds of the future but are the future"

Rose C Taylor July, 1998 

   Ah what a wonderful world it is when we enter it by means of Astral Travel. One need never have to pay to travel the world in order to see the many great wonders it has to offer. Our dreams can take us anywhere we may wish but in reality Astral Travel is more than an unpaid flight to places of our fancy. Astral Travel has to be one of the greatest forms of communication man has between himself and the minds of both the past generations and the ever present living ones. I am not speaking of mental telepathy nor am I referring to those who seek to contact the spirit world through séances. Though I have had some amusing experiences with friends performing the latter I would have to say that we did not gain any understanding of the hereafter or what it might even hold for us. In my chapter ‘All things Bright and Spiritual’ (Chapter 6) I discuss my personal experiences with the past living and the sense of their existence.

   Many books have been written on the subject of Astral Travel and how to achieve the perfect state in order to participate in the wonders of it. I have never tried the theories recommended. Astral Travel is, and always has been, available to all of us. We need only to sleep and it can take place. It is on awakening and going about our daily lives that we gradually come to realise that we have been communicating beyond the normal means of doing so.

   My experiences have been many but one of the more frequent realisations comes to me when viewing certain movies. I will swear black and blue I have already seen it but as it has been a new release it is argued back to me that I could not have.  As I have always enjoyed using my imagination it became apparent to me that all the places I visit in my dreams and the conversations I have with the people I meet while dreaming , are for the purpose of communicating my ideas. Do I set the pace so that the next step can be taken?

   Many of us never realise all of our aspirations yet we see them being performed by others around us and can often be heard to say "I could have done that".  I firmly believe that through Astral Travel we have the ability to communicate to others our solutions and ideas towards particular problems and projects.  If the Aliens did in fact arrive on earth then they too would have used this means of ‘getting in touch’ with their own kind back on their planet.

   If we can Astral Travel while sleeping then so must those in different places and time zones to us. I say this because the theme of one particular movie I viewed I do not hesitate to attribute it to an experiment I had carried out in my car relating to time travel.

   After seeing this movie I began thinking more seriously about the probabilities of Astral Travel bringing about the coming together of ideas and thoughts. If this process was a reality then the exchanging of such ideas and thoughts, in my case the movie, would be inevitable.

   As the books I spoke of will tell you, you will experience flying in your dreams and waking up preceded by a thud in your bed. Both of these I acknowledge but do not hold that they have to happen in order to Astral Travel.

   Often in our dreams we return to the places we lived in when we were growing up and it is my belief that when we do so, particularly if on a regular basis, we are going back to prepare the way for unfulfilled ambitions which are about to occur in our future lives. When we find ourselves dreaming of the schools and colleges we once attended we do so as a means of recapturing important knowledge which will assist us. If used wisely many doors will be opened.

   We go to bed to get sleep and rest. But, not always does this process follow. It is a considered theory of mine that our spirits often take off for a night of fun. On many occasions I have woken up to see myself standing over me as if about to get into bed. On one such occasion I was wearing my favourite after five dress and can only surmise I had had a very good night out.  I think this explains why sometimes when we awake from what we hoped would be a good nights sleep we feel completely exhausted.

   From the previous experience and that of waking up and seeing the form of my small child going out through my bedroom window, which I might add was firmly closed, has led me to ponder the idea are we living more than one life while here on earth?

   Feeling the presence of the time of the first Easter one Easter Sunday many years ago, still very vivid in my mind, would also lead me to raise the questionare we living in and out of time in ways we are not yet able to explain? Most of us on more than one occasion have experienced the feeling of having previously attended a particular event but often pass it off as something we may have dreamed of. Others may refer to it as déjà vu. However, I feel that these occurrences have been predestined through our ability to Astral Travel enabling us to automatically set the scene and allowing us to be in control of the event and its outcome.

   Many people subscribe to the theory that we are reincarnated and that we all have various past lives. I do not belong to that school of thought but prefer to attribute our connections with the not only the past but the present and future to Astral Travel.

   The only event in my life that I could and did connect to a past life was when I was operating a clothing boutique. I had purchased a French Calendar for decorative purposes and on the front of it was a painting of a very formidable French Madam. I christened her Madam Boutique and took to calling myself by the same name as I worked late into the nights dressing up the window and clothing the mannequins ready for the opening of my business.

   My time spent in this field was short and eventually I had to close the beautiful shop I had created. My monetary resources were limited and I was forced to seek alternative employment. I often remarked that Madam Boutique must have been a greedy person for her time on earth and blamed her for the failure of my attempt at running a fashion house.

   Not long after I had closed down the boutique I became acquainted with some Frenchmen at a party and asked the question "Did they know of a Madam Boutique having lived in France many years ago and was she perhaps associated with greed and destruction?" I was not at all surprised when they said I was referring to such a woman of the same name having existed in the late nineteenth century.

   I do not believe I was once the original Madam Boutique but do believe that through Astral Travel our paths crossed. I can only surmise that she wanted me to fail because I dared to mock her. Looking back at that time, as I write of it, makes me more certain that the minds of all the past living and the present contribute to our future and its destiny.

   While addressing the subject of Astral Travel I would have to say that one of the greatest Astral travellers known to man would have to have been Nostradamus.

   When he was locked away with all the books and journals of the great past writers, he was told he had to memorise them.  He could not take them from the hidden library they were kept in. Through his constant reading of these great volumes for hours on end he would have, when he finally allowed himself to sleep, experienced himself Astral Travelling. He would have joined his mind with the minds of the great writers whose works he was reading. His knowledge would have been enormous. However, I believe, the enormity of this knowledge was to lead him to the burning of the coveted books and journals.

   The task set him was too much for one mind. But the great minds of the past can not only inspire the great minds of the present, I say they can and do live on through the means of Astral Travel. Combining this theory with the chapter relating to ‘Thought becomes Matter’ we can start to come to terms with the achievements of today's modern man and the world he lives in.

   We all possess a sixth sense which many of us choose to ignore for fear of being put in a class of one pound short of a penny. Learning to deal with this sixth sense and recognising its worth takes many years of understanding. I would be the first to agree that it can lead to dangerous episodes in our lives and destroy our creditability.  Our mental institutions are filled with individuals fighting to come to terms with realityI know I have been there.  Until I accepted that I needed to take a continuous small dosage of lithium daily for the rest of my life I would be forever at war with myself continually being admitted to these institutions. The good side to my taking my medication means I have not been unstable for yearsthe bad side is I no longer experience the lighter side of what they call manic depression.  However, the lithium does not rob you of your past experiences and the inferences you can place on them.

   Despite the aforementioned, my writing of ‘Are we the Aliens?’ was not inspired by my past but has only served to help me express some of the theories contained in it.

   They say that madness is one step from geniussurely this is the case with many of our past great masters of art, be it through their writings, their paintings or their music. Manic depression has been no stranger to kings, queens, political leaders and last but not least the great inventors that helped shaped our world.

   Suffice to say a little madness can go a long way towards making it in this day and age.

   Although there are many among us who would not subscribe to the theory of ‘Astral Travel’ it does not mean that we cannot explore its possibilities or the outcome of its probabilities. Many books have already been written on the subject and no doubt many more will come from the pens of future authors. My writings do not come from fantasies created by a vivid imagination but from actual experiences which have led me to explore more deeply the way it can affect our daily lives. Understanding the indirect meanings of Astral Travel can help us interpret the many messages we receive through this medium and learn to realise their importance.

   Communication between friends that we are unable to be with can, and does come about, through Astral Travelling. One such event allowed me to physically see and speak with a very dear friend who I knew the chance of us both meeting again personally was very remote.

   The Australian Aboriginals refer to ‘Dreamtime’ while the American Indians speak of the "Phoenix rising from the Ashes".  Are they speaking of 'Astral Travel' and how it can determine our very existence?

   Although, you the reader, may feel you have not consciously experienced ‘Astral Travel’ your involvement with it can be explored if you care to analyse more closely your nightly dreams and how they can be connected to your daily activities. I do not wish to emphatically proclaim ‘Astral Travel’ in a doctrine like fashion but do acknowledge that it is a deciding factor in the way our lives are shaped.

Note:  The character of Sheldon in the ‘Big Bang Theory’a sitcom produced at least 8 years after my writing of ‘Are we the Aliens?’and his ideas and proclamations can be found in many of the pages of ‘Are we the Aliens?’ Rose C Taylor November 22nd  2009.


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