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Chapter Five

 To know me is to understand me - To understand me is a miracle  - Yours not mine - Rose C Taylor 1973

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Having My Say

The depraved mind and heinous activities of a Pedophile exposed...

Having My Say

by Rose C Taylor

For all the Children. We are their guardians.

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The author was inspired to write ‘Poor Poppy and the Chocolate Man’ to help bring to the attention of all parents the realization that their children can become victims of a pedophile. At the same time she wishes to give the reader an insight into behind the scenes of the unknowing families, the law enforcement’s detectives’ efforts to help stamp out these ever increasing everyday heinous acts of behavior and the recognition for the introduction of harsher sentences.

The author also wishes to state that whilst the Australian Government has apologised to the stolen generation it is her heartfelt wish that through the pages of ‘Poor Poppy and the Chocolate Man’ a sincere apology will reach all of the children who have become victims of a pedophile.

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Ten Years Update


"It is far too often we appraise a man for what he is worth rather than praise him for what he has done" (Rose C Taylor 1973).

   The film "Six Degrees of Separation" and an article recently published in one of our daily papers on the subject, led me to realise that my theory on evolution could have as much credibility as that of the mathematicians who have worked on the events linked to the "Six Degrees of Separation".


   We all at sometime have seen impersonators of both past and present entertainers, politicians, the Royal Family and other well known identities. Is it coincidence? I think not. If we go back to the first arrival of the Aliens and their subsequent meeting up with our Man we can start to look at the evolution process in a different way to what is generally accepted.  

   The world is round and if we form a circle around it we have the beginnings of evolution. Let me explain myselfGod created Manand in doing so He started a chain of events that through the natural flow of His plan were meant to occur. If we go completely around a circle we always stop where we started and if we continue to go around and around it we create an evolving process which is what was also meant to take place. Had their been no wars, no famines or floods, diseases or other world disasters we would have eventually come face to face with ourselves. If you can imagine a circle of humans constantly going around the world but some of them more anxious to get to the beginning of the circle again and these humans are continuously pushing away those in front of them you can start to get the picture I am trying to paint. Today we have come to recognise it in the form of greed, murder and the destruction of many civilisations through the sheer madness of wars. When we allow for natural disasters such as floods, fires and earthquakes all which create famines and disease then the interruption of the natural circumference of evolution was bound to happen.

   We determined our time of evolving when we not only intermingled with the Aliens, but since our time on earth have continuously engaged in battles with each other. Man himself automatically caused the interruption of the pattern of the evolving process, and by doing so today we find that we don’t know our true selves. Look in the rear vision mirror of your car the next time you are at a traffic stop. I can guarantee you will swear the person in the car behind you is someone you know from your past. It might not always be the case but you will, given time, get the result I am referring to. How many times has someone mistaken you for another or you have been told you are the spitting image of a particular person. I believe we were all created with the view to continuously evolving through time until we became whole. Instead we have restless spirits within us and find ourselves forever seeking what some would refer to as inner peace.

   I have two examples of look a likes you may wish to ponder -

   1. Elvis Presley

   2. Princess Diana

   In the case of Princess Diana I keep coming across photos of complete strangers and on first glance have thought it was Princess Diana - these people have not been impersonators.

   Working on this theory I ask that you consider the possibility of our evolvement occurring every second with the end result being that in time we would come full circle with our true identity. If this process was indeed altered through many of the causes I have listed above then is it unreasonable to conclude that civilisation today is made up of millions of similar identities whom we refer to as look-a-likes?"


   God created man in his image and if I am saying that he also created man on another planet but with a far greater intelligence than earth man, then upon the arrival of the Aliens and the subsequent alliance of the two races it is only natural to assume that eventually interbreeding would have taken place resulting in the creation of offspring with various degrees of mentality. Many would have been of a superior class but also many would have possessed little or no means of grasping the basic fundamentals of life. This in itself would have brought about divisions in the communities and the necessary measures to separate the normal from the not so normal.

   Life would not have been easy for the sub-normal and one can easily imagine them as being used as lowly servants bordering on slaves. One can also picture them being abused sexually and this would have led to all sorts of complications unknown at that time to either man or the Alien.

   If this were the case we can assume that as the original ancestors of both beings died the earth was being populated by a group of descendants quite different to them.

   When you mate two different species you must make allowances for some physical and mental change but when you start mating sub-normal with normal then surely we could expect to see a far greater change in the offspring. I am not abdicating that races should not mix but do suggest that as a result of the possibility of such happenings as described above we could be looking at a time that could have led to the development of many of our dysfunctional humans today.

   Had man and the Alien chosen not to interbreed then the world would have been spared many of the known diseases of today and those still unknown. Through their integration not only with themselves but as the years progressed with those of other races, as we discovered earlier in chapter two, the inevitable increase in population brought with it a variety of illnesses. Some would have been resistant to cure while others would have lingered and no doubt some would have lain dormant only to emerge again in plague proportions.

   We all know that hygiene plays an important part in our well being but if the habits of the first Aliens who brought with them many of the more sophisticated means of hygiene were not always able to be kept up with then it goes without saying, though I will say it, that there must have been periods of time when man and his descendants lacked proper means of everyday cleanliness.

   A far bigger picture with regard to interbreeding can be envisioned when we look at the millions of people that populate the third world countries. Their authorities and governments are unable to provide their people with the basic needs necessary to maintain a normal standard of living.

   The complications of interbreeding began not only when man and the Aliens integrated but also as they explored the world and reached many of its continents. There is always a price to pay in the name of progress and the results of interbreeding would have to be one of them.

DIGRESSION (3): ‘SEXES’ Page Down   Page Down

   God created man and woman for the sole purpose of propagation. His plan was far reaching in that, given time, the eventual rise in population would lead to the forming of the human race. Over the years it would be expected that man’s daily needs would take him to further regions of the earth. In the same way the Aliens planned their expedition, man would have set about organising men and women from several communities to take part in such activities. Equality of sexes would have been a normal acceptance. The choosing of a party of people from both sexes, who were strong and healthy, would have been carried out in order to create a harmonious balance. And, has it not been said, man cannot live by bread alone.

   It is to be expected that while on these expeditions man would have been confronted with a number of unknown dangers. Overcoming these perils would not have always been successful and would have resulted in many on them not making a safe return home. However, many would have discovered parts of the earth that were ideal for habitation and set about building new communities with the intention of returning for members of their original tribes. If the union of marriage was not yet a formal ritual then copulation between the two sexes would have been a natural occurrence. Likewise members of the communities awaiting the return of the expedition groups would also have engaged in sexual intercourse. Other than his need for survival, was man’s natural will for the continuation of mankind.

   But, to say that this was his sole purpose for engaging in sexual encounters would be rather naive. The restraints laid down by various religions would not have been the custom and various sexual activities would have taken place among all sexes. The giving of birth would have made them curious to say the least. In their own primitive way they quite possibly could have held the belief that man could also conceive. With this in mind their attempts of mating with male partners would have been quite acceptable. Given this was the case, it is quite reasonable for us to understand the biological make up of what we today call homosexuality. The bonding of two people with the natural desire to form a family unit does not always have to be made up of a man and a woman. In the time of our first ancestors many children would have been raised and cared for in a communal atmosphere with couples of varying sexes nurturing them.

   The sense of touch would have to have been an experience of pure joy. This simple pleasure would have been carried out with no restrictions and their desire to touch or be touched would have been as natural as an everyday handshake.

   They say that every good book should contain in its chapters a certain amount of sex. Describing rituals and orgies that may or may not have taken place is not essential for the purpose of this story and I shall not endeavor to do so but rather leave the reader to engage his own imagination with regard to the sexual activities carried out during the history of ancient man.

DIGRESSION (4): ‘POSSESSIONS’  Page Down Page Down

   Man, unlike the animal beasts that roamed the earth, was unique, in that God gave him a free will.

   His free will allowed for him to experience the world through his sense of sight and sound thus also allowing him to come to terms with the very idea of existing. Man lived in a time of great challenge, this very existence would have urged him to continually search out the means of providing for himself and his community.

   Among the perils confronted by man on his survival expeditions was his conflict with what he quickly came to learn were man eating animals. His awareness of their hunt for prey presented him with the need to devise ways and means of stalking these beasts. It became a matter of kill or be killed.

   The earth and its elements can be harsh and cruel. Surviving these elements would have been well tested by man and his will to overcome them. His observations of thunder and lightning coupled with his ingenuity could well have led to the making of wood fires in order to shelter from the cold nights. Skins from the animals he encountered and killed would have become clothing and the meat thrown upon the fires. Curiosity might have killed the cat but man’s curiosity would have been aroused by the aromas of the cooking meat and thus through his sense of taste he would have discovered a dietary supplement other than the fish he speared from the abundant supply in the clear water lakes and streams surrounding him together with the fruit and herbs he had become accustomed to.

   The crude hunting aids made by man to kill the prey that stalked him no doubt would have later been enlarged and improved upon to form an arsenal of weapons for the purpose of protecting his lifestyle.

   These weapons would have been used when originally defending their territory from the Aliens. Together with their determination to win such battles they would not have felt powerless to succeed.

   Our instinctive urge to claim ownership to what is rightly ours has always been a right man has never hesitated to defend and throughout history has shown to have been the reason behind many bloodbaths on the battlefields.

   Possessions make up a great part of our daily lives and keeping them under our own roofs can at times be a burden. Our courts are filled with disputes over them and often they are the reason for family arguments which inevitably lead to complete breakdowns.

   When man and the Aliens settled their differences on the battleground I am sure that as a result of their alliance and the combining of their individual talents this would, in time, have led to ownership rights.

   These very rights today are still being challenged by those who claim to have been the first race of people to inhabit various regions of the world and despite the many treaties signed over the centuries there is still unresolved hostility in the world today.

   When possessions become the reason for conflict and war (which I speak of in Digression 6) too often the chaos and destruction and more importantly the loss of life, which comes with such  battles, does not justify the end result.


    Like all communities, leaders would have been chosen and in time governments would have been elected.

   To maintain harmony and goodwill among the people regulations would have been introduced ensuring that law and order reigned. Warriors representing man and the Aliens would have been selected to form what we would call an army. Their duties would have been widespread in and around the communities and they would have kept guard of the cities both day and night.

   There are good governments and there are bad ones. One would have to imagine that during this time of settlement dissent among the various leaders and the communities would not have been uncommon. Uprisings between the warriors and the civilians of the day would have in time led to bloody demonstrations.

   Breakaway groups could well have chosen to form opposing governments.

   Man is a very complex being. History has shown us that his determination to defend his rights for both himself and his fellowman has not always been plain sailing and even way back then he would have contemplated the idea of democracy.

   Man has also shown himself to be a caring person by the many journeys he undertook to search for further supplies for not only his needs but those of his people. It is not unreasonable therefore to assume that he would seek justice from the governments and their leaders.

   One might also consider that some of the breakaway groups may well have chosen to leave their community preferring instead to journey the earth and establish new settlements.

   Having accomplished this in time their hard work and cultivation of the land they chose to settle on would have come to resemble what we today know as a kingdom. They too would have sought to elect a government to maintain law and order. Because of their collective knowledge the elders among them would become a hierarchy and would have earned the respect of the populace.

   If we were to follow the paths of these pioneers and others like them we would find ourselves coming across many kingdoms. Our history books tell us that many battles took place to conquer these kingdoms and life for the common man was not without its share of turmoil.

   As is the case today many countries throughout the world are governed under dictatorship rule and the lives of the ordinary people are constantly subject to violent demonstrations and upheaval. Bloody battles of war continue to take their toll leaving thousands of the citizens of these countries homeless.

   When God created the world and gave man life He did so with love. Until man can nurture this love and give it freely to his fellowman the world shall always have nations at conflict with each other. The consequences arising from such atrocities will be that of all mankind becoming victims of the destruction and havoc which war always brings.


   What thoughts went through the mind of our first man when he encountered the wonders of the stars and the moon, the sun, wind and rain? Was he filled with a desire to worship such wonders? Did he feel compelled to offer what we would call a sacrifice to the sun and chant words of praise to the moon? Did he acknowledge a higher being that he called upon for direction? When the Aliens arrived did he think at first they were sent by the higher being to guide them?

   Religion had to start somewhere and if as I say Astral Travel is available to us, then it too, would have been common among our first ancestors. Their dreams would have had to have helped guide them through the many journeys they eventually would set out to take.

   While on these journeys many of the leaders of the groups forming the expeditions would have slept little preferring to keep watch and discuss among themselves the necessary plans for the following day. In time those who had not had the benefit sleep offers would have experienced what could be classed as hallucinations but in fact the lack of sleep would have given them a feeling of euphoria and made it possible for them to communicate with God as we know Hima higher being to them.

   What they experienced and what they communicated to their fellowmen could well have been the basis for the foundations of religion.

   How much can we attribute the ever present friction between man to the numerous denominations of religion? Religion and war have gone hand in hand since its inception and in our own history of time we have witnessed the refusal of the Church to intervene on behalf of man during times of war. While Hitler was creating the Holocaust the faith of the Jewish people helped hold a number of them together but many more would have been spared the horrors of world war two had the Church taken a stronger stand than it did.

   In earlier times could the religious rites carried out by man have lead to the seven deadly sins? Were the many human sacrifices performed excused in the name of religion?

   Power and greed have always been the evil forces behind the reasons for the need to dominate man. Did the High Priests of the day see themselves as saviors warranting them to persecute man, not for man’s own good but for theirs? I for one have not been able to take seriously the religion I was brought up to believe in. We are taught to practice what we teach but all the preaching in the world cannot convince me of the need for the churches in Rome and throughout the world to represent monuments of great wealth while the very people who are expected to support them are often left to fend for themselves among poverty and decay. Among the Ten Commandments that Moses brought down from the Mountain was there one that said "Thou shalt not build a house of prayer for your Lord but erect a church equivalent to a palace"? Not so according to the bible yet our cities all around the world are surrounded by churches which closely resemble the style and opulence of a kings castle. Many of them contain numerous works of art and can in themselves also be described as works of art requiring vast amounts of money to maintain.

   However, for religion to have succeeded it must have offered some form of comfort for the believers. Indeed it must be acknowledged that the Christian faith which is built on love for ones fellowman did provide a way for the people to live among one another with harmony and peace. As I have stated man was a caring person and time would have seen him taking under his wing a family comprising of one woman and the offspring arising from this union. The sanctity of marriage would have been introduced and in time the bonding of a man and a woman would have become a natural law sanctioned by both the churches and the governments.

   Many of the religious beliefs held by our churches are based on the teachings of Jesus Christ as set out in our Holy Bibles; each denomination of religion interpreting the various gospels and epistles to meet their particular needs and those of their followers.

   The beliefs taught by these religions have always been an essential part of the Christian way of life offering man solace and comfort in times of anguish. Many religions also offer to their faithful various religious rituals that they can participate in. The celebration of these ceremonies are important to man and without them many people would feel a great emptiness in their lives. However, it is when those who are empowered to administer the faith allow themselves to get caught up in the politics of the day and seek to step outside their religious roles that anarchy starts to rule and the true meaning of the teachings of Christ often become abandoned.

   Because throughout their history the ancestors of ancient man were subject to hypocrisy numerous religious sects evolved thus creating the worshipping of idols and gods and the offering of sacrifices.

   It is at this point that I would ask where does religion end and superstition take over? Were the ancient religious rites of long ago based on superstition because of man’s fear of the unknown? Did he believe that by worshipping the sun and moon he would be protected from the evils of life? Was he able to comprehend the wonder of day turning to night? The presence of a full moon would certainly have created both fear and excitement in man. Even today this wondrous sight can lead many a man a merry dance.

   Many of the superstitions that play a part in our daily lives are harmless, they add a little mystery to our everyday living and when taking with a grain of salt they can offer us a form of light entertainment. I personally always throw a little salt, whenever I accidentally spill it, over my shoulder for good luck and for years have trusted in the saying "See a pin pick it up all the day you’ll have good luck". Others avoid walking under a ladder and in show business it is customary to say to the cast on the opening of a first night "Break a Leg".



   When we summarise the ‘Six Digressions of Evolution’ we come to acknowledge the numerous struggles man faced from the time of his first step towards civilisation.

   Could he see today how far modern man has progressed would he wryly smile at his technology and the methods by which he developed them? In his heart of hearts would he want to attribute their design and forethought to a race of people who freely expressed their ideas to the human race who inhabited the world at the time of their arrival? (Yes man was responsible for inventing the wheel I would only ask who drew the first circle?) Would he be saddened to find that despite the technological progress man has made particularly in the communications area he is still unable to end the bitter feuding between himself and his fellowman?

   Even as I write the slaughter continues and nations are divided. Having reached the 21st century there are many still at war with each other and despite the efforts of the United Nations millions of refugees are homeless having been forced to flee their homelands and continue their lives elsewhere, some even as far away as Australia.

   The most frequent reason for wars can be related to the invasion of a country’s space and its territories and it is here that I would like to refer to another type of invasion, one that involves our own personal space.

   We cannot see space but we are aware that we are surrounded by it. Without space we would not exist. We need space in order to live our lives as individuals and when we feel our space is being encroached upon we often become restless and in fact may even sometimes suffer depression. Many of us have experienced an attack of claustrophobia. I have even been a victim to it sitting in one of the M.C.G.’s Grandstands (Melbourne Cricket Ground) while eating lunch with only a few of my fellow workmates.

   My reason for referring to space and why it is important to some of us to feel we need more than others is to raise the questionis the success of many of the athletes who take part in the Olympic Games, or other similar events, mainly attributed to their high resistance to being confined by the space around them and the atmosphere they perform in?

   As a young schoolgirl I was considered to be a fast runner but was never able to achieve the high standards expected of me because of my inability to cope with the large number of competitors made up from several other schools. Not because they could run faster than me but for the simple reason that the space normally afforded me to carry out my nightly practice runs was being invaded. As a result I would be overcome by the same feeling I still experience to this day whenever I am in a crowd or as was the case with the M.C.G.unexplainable claustrophobia.

   Do the athletes who never achieve the glory of being either the first, second or even third place getters have their initial confidence drained from them because as they perform they are being robbed of the very space they require in order to reach their top level? Do those who always win and take with them the first prize, at the same time soak up the space around them, leaving behind an invisible shield which makes it impossible for any of the other athletes to pass them?

   Should we be considering this aspect when we are training our young athletes and should we be asking that further studies be carried out in order to find ways of overcoming the obvious dilemmas it can cause?

   If man has a problem coping with his own personal space then it is understandable that he will often engage in war like activities to protect his space and territory thus resulting in many of the world’s nations being continually at war with each other. To add insult to injury we then find that those who elect to help defend them and provide them with shelter are too often faced with objections and demonstrations by various groups who oppose the very idea of rendering aid to the victims of such wars.

   However, if as they say what comes around goes around, then I must ask is it written in the stars that the history of the world will always contain chapters that describe disorder and dissent among many of its different races of people? Can we alter fate? Would we even dare try?

   The computer program I have been using to write the pages of this story allows me to cut and paste sections of paragraphs whenever I choose. However, we cannot cut and paste at will the pages of history but we can and so often do copy history and inevitably repeat its past mistakes.

   Should we ever discover that the history of the Aliens I write of did in fact take place perhaps man would do well if he were to copy that time of history and in doing so leave behind for future generations a world once more filled with warmth and beauty, a Heaven on earth that God created for the benefit of all mankind.

Note:  The character of Sheldon in the ‘Big Bang Theory’a sitcom produced at least 8 years after my writing of ‘Are we the Aliens?’and his ideas and proclamations can be found in many of the pages of ‘Are we the Aliens?’ Rose C Taylor November 22nd  2009.


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