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by Rose C Taylor

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The author was inspired to write ‘Poor Poppy and the Chocolate Man’ to help bring to the attention of all parents the realization that their children can become victims of a pedophile. At the same time she wishes to give the reader an insight into behind the scenes of the unknowing families, the law enforcement’s detectives’ efforts to help stamp out these ever increasing everyday heinous acts of behavior and the recognition for the introduction of harsher sentences.

The author also wishes to state that whilst the Australian Government has apologised to the stolen generation it is her heartfelt wish that through the pages of ‘Poor Poppy and the Chocolate Man’ a sincere apology will reach all of the children who have become victims of a pedophile.

As easy as ABC

An Article


Rose C Taylor

 Give an inch and they’ll take a mile


Excuses made as Rudd Hides: [1] (Andrew Bolt April, 2009).

It was both interesting and yet also disturbing to listen to Jon Faine’s 774 local morning radio program this morning when he chose to comment on the subject of people smuggling and yesterday’s sad end to the boat people who illegally tried to enter Australia. While suggesting that party politics were being played out he did not once concede that his own broadcasting of people smuggling was at times encouraging political scoring.

What I find ironic is that our government is using the same excuse for the decline of our economy recessionfor the current increase of people smuggling happening along our coastline.

                                                        “Smuggling is a global problem.”

Following that conclusion by the government minister he interviewed, we as listeners, were then subject to our Prime Minster making a dull emotionless speech using the word industries when he meant to say injuries. Mr. Rudd you cannot read a prepared speech and expect the people of Australia to accept your words as genuine when you lack a sympathetic tone; no little boy to hug and kiss on this one Kevin.

Remember the old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. It would appear that this is not a policy of the Australian Labor Government.

Rose Taylor

Melton West

Let's Get the boat policy right [2] (Eddie McGuire April 2009). 

Stick to what you know Eddie; don't start moving the goal posts—give asylum seekers an inch and they'll take a mile of fields—not yours but ours.

Rose Taylor
Melton West                                                                                


I have commenced this article with two comments I had published in the Herald Sun on-line newspaper on the 18th and 19th April, 2009 respectively.  They help put into perspective my views with regard to the recent influx of asylum seekers, and the consequences we faced by their arrival to our shores.

Past history of ABC when Labor in Government

Having been involved in the Australian TV and Film industry for more than 15 years I am not at all surprised that the ABC bends over backwards to keep the Rudderless government in power.  While they can get more of the taxpayer’s money from the Labor Party in order to promote their ideals, then naturally their efforts are always going to be left handed ones.  The money wasted on many of their TV shows was a sin when Keating ran our country, and I figure it is the same today with the current government.

Current history of ABC when Labor in Government

On the evening of Saturday April 18th 2009, the ABC half hour nightly news would have to have reported up to fifteen minutes of the medical condition of the burnt illegal refugees, their progress and transport to various hospitals in order for them to receive urgent medical attention. Is it wrong of me to ask why don’t our own emergency patients get the same attention? If reports heard on local radio talk back shows, including the ABC and 3AW, are to be taken as gospel truth a great number of our public hospitals continually divert ambulances away from their emergency departments, and/or the person(s) requiring treatment are left for hours on trolleys waiting to receive urgent medical attention. 

With regard to the interview that the ABC had with NUR ABDUL HASSAN HUSSAINI; he indicated that he was unaware of the new relaxed Australian immigration lawsI would like to ask, did the ABC interview the people smuggler who took the money from NUR ABDUL HASSAN HUSSAINI and his fellow asylum seekers? I am more than convinced that those who deal in people smuggling are well aware of Rudderless’s changes to our immigration laws. Hussaini may choose to say otherwise but let’s face it he gave his money to someone who obviously did.

Compassion and the right to life:

It goes without saying that life is precious, no matter whose, but, in a democratic society surely it must include not only those that enter our shores illegally but the very people who have made Australia the ideal country which initially attracts the unlawful entry of refugees and/or asylum seekers. 


With the ABC pissing down our backs and telling us it is raining no doubt we will continue to be told that the polls are showing the popularity of our current Prime Minister is going higher and higher.  Why wouldn't it, especially if half the people being polled agree with ‘people smuggling’.

While Kevin, a puppet on a spin, is permitted to ride on the backs of media outlets such as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and left wing newspapers, he will forever be a ‘come on spinner’; it’s as easy as ABC.

Rose C Taylor

April 19, 2009.


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