The depraved mind and heinous activities of a Pedophile exposed...

Having My Say

by Rose C Taylor

For all the Children. We are their guardians.

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The author was inspired to write ‘Poor Poppy and the Chocolate Man’ to help bring to the attention of all parents the realization that their children can become victims of a pedophile. At the same time she wishes to give the reader an insight into behind the scenes of the unknowing families, the law enforcement’s detectives’ efforts to help stamp out these ever increasing everyday heinous acts of behavior and the recognition for the introduction of harsher sentences.

The author also wishes to state that whilst the Australian Government has apologised to the stolen generation it is her heartfelt wish that through the pages of ‘Poor Poppy and the Chocolate Man’ a sincere apology will reach all of the children who have become victims of a pedophile.


Bats on a Hot Tin Roof

An Article


Rose C Taylor

"To err is human;1 to accept responsibility is not government policy."


“Garrett was handed a program he had raised serious concerns about to his Prime Minister for the rushed nature of its implementation.

He was not alone. I have been told by a very senior Labor source that Julia Gillard did the same at the special-purpose budget committee, the inner sanctum of the government that rules on which programs get the green light and which don't.”2  

‘Why can’t I believe what you say?’  The aforesaid was submitted by me to the Australian 12:08 pm Sat 24th April, 2010.  However, it is worth noting here that Peter van Onselen the Contributing editor of The Australian did not have one comment published re his article Garrett-the-fall-guy-in-Rudd’s-roofing-fiasco. 2  

What I do feel is worth asking of Peter van Onselen is, if he cannot name his source of information why publish such an article in the first place?  In my book his words are not worth the paper they have been printed on.

Peter Garrett was not a scapegoat; the four young men who died as a result of both his and Kevin Rudd’s mishandling of the project were and still are the real scapegoats of this fiasco.

How soon do editors and journalists forget the real tragedies?  House fires, roof fires and unknown hazards must not be pushed aside to make room for articles such as the one in Saturday’s Australian.   

“However, the most serious area to which people's attention should be drawn is the rush to get the program up and running in the wake of the global financial crisis. It was an economic, not environmental, call to arms to employ low-skilled people considered to be most at risk from the financial meltdown. In other words, it was not Garrett's decision to rush the program into operation; it was Rudd's (and perhaps Wayne Swan's).” 2  

When it comes to playing the ‘blame game’ politics can always take the cake.

If Garrett is so clean why did he continue with his then ministerial portfolio?  Far greater men than him have turned around and retreated from situations that were not in the interests and safety of the nation.

I am not standing up for the Rudd Government or his ministers and I wholeheartedly agree with van Onselen that they should be made accountable for what has turned out to be both a criminal and rorting shamble.

On the other hand, what I am also emphatically not standing up for are the pathetic excuses used to clear Garrett of his inability to stand up to both Rudd and his ministers; had he done so he would have ensured that the deeply flawed theme of ‘Bats on a Hot Tin Roof’ would never have been typecast as a viable scheme.

Rose C Taylor

25th Apr 2010




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