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Benedict James McCorkindale


W & K Cooper

St Clair Golf Club - Dunedin NZ




Ben McCorkindale was an unstintingly generous benefactor of the St Clair Golf Club. He joined in November 1958, was elected to committee in 1967, vice president 1971-74 and president 1975-76.

His special interest was the junior club and he served as manager of Otago junior teams longer than I can remember. He donated the trophy for Otago v Southland matches (to go with the Piper Cup - presented by his friend Frank Piper, also a St Clair member).

He was also a great supporter of the Otago Charity Classic from the beginning in 1970.

Ben had a stool by the bar in the 19th, in what is called "Ben's Corner" where he monitored the behavior of new members and kept a weather eye on the older ones. The carpet in the clubhouse (and the pool table) is a lasting tribute to the contributions he made.

One for which he was famous was his annual impersonation of Santa Claus when he dressed up and gave out presents (all paid for out of his own pocket) to members and their wives at the Christmas Social

Alas, although a life member of both the OPGA and the Eagles, he passed away before he could be rightly honored by the St Clair Club.

I would say, without fear of exaggeration, that he was the backbone of the club for more than 20 years. He was a keen, rather than accomplished, golfer and could be relied on to set the standard for dress and decorum in the clubhouse. He truly was one of Nature's Gentlemen.

Sent to -

Rose Catherine Taylor (nee Rose Catherine McCorkindale)

19th January, 2007 (Peter Brownie OPGA)



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