The depraved mind and heinous activities of a Pedophile exposed...

Having My Say

by Rose C Taylor

For all the Children. We are their guardians.

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The author was inspired to write ‘Poor Poppy and the Chocolate Man’ to help bring to the attention of all parents the realization that their children can become victims of a pedophile. At the same time she wishes to give the reader an insight into behind the scenes of the unknowing families, the law enforcement’s detectives’ efforts to help stamp out these ever increasing everyday heinous acts of behavior and the recognition for the introduction of harsher sentences.

The author also wishes to state that whilst the Australian Government has apologised to the stolen generation it is her heartfelt wish that through the pages of ‘Poor Poppy and the Chocolate Man’ a sincere apology will reach all of the children who have become victims of a pedophile.




Bring it on Brumby

(Ethics not Antics)

An Article


Rose C Taylor

“Melton is the forgotten part of Melbourne under the Brumby Government”[1]


When I first came to reside in Melton, having lived most of my life in and around Essendon, I was very impressed with the quiet regional way of life it offered.

For the first time in many years I was mixing with people who smiled and said hello.  It did not go unnoticed by many of its’ citizens that the Labor Government ignored Melton, in fact it was a blessing.  But, and it is a big but, Melton was suddenly seen as the perfect place for refugees; unfortunately the type who look down at us westerners while at the same time demanding they get from us what they came for. Sit outside the local Hotel on a sunny afternoon and watch as they come from all directions to catch their designated bus and you will experience first hand their offensive behavior.

What these people have not inspired our Labor government to put in place, as Mr. Vogels said, is the replacement of the sub-standard train service the local community are expected to use.

Not only over the past ten years have the roads in Melton become less safe to use but outdated roundabouts which need to be replaced with traffic lights, I have been informed, will not see the light of day until someone dies as a result of an accident.

Safe evenings at any of our local entertainment areas are now subject to young drinkers forcing their way of life onto the general community indulging in what was once a very pleasant night out.

Why am I not surprised to read that Labor’s Coburns Road housing project has been pushed through without consultation and may threaten the safety of nearby residents.

Why must I continually read in the comment columns of newspapers that Melton deserves what it gets because it is made up of a great number of unemployed bums.

This accusation is so far from the truth but more easily sold to other communities by our governments in order to avoid spending money where it is needed and/or impose on Melton the above mentioned housing project.

Paraphrasing what I said at the 149th State Council -

Mr. Rudd apologised to the stolen generation—I WANT the Labor government to apologise to the residents of Melton for not recognizing their needs. I also WANT Mr. Brumby to apologise for Melton’s stolen safe streets, hotels, clubs, entertainment areas and places of business.

Rose C Taylor 

30th March, 2010

[1] Melton residents protest against Labor project – John Vogels MP




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