The depraved mind and heinous activities of a Pedophile exposed...

Having My Say

by Rose C Taylor

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The author was inspired to write ‘Poor Poppy and the Chocolate Man’ to help bring to the attention of all parents the realization that their children can become victims of a pedophile. At the same time she wishes to give the reader an insight into behind the scenes of the unknowing families, the law enforcement’s detectives’ efforts to help stamp out these ever increasing everyday heinous acts of behavior and the recognition for the introduction of harsher sentences.

The author also wishes to state that whilst the Australian Government has apologised to the stolen generation it is her heartfelt wish that through the pages of ‘Poor Poppy and the Chocolate Man’ a sincere apology will reach all of the children who have become victims of a pedophile.


Chinese Chess

An Article


Rose C Taylor


                                                    见风转舵 (jian feng zhuang duo)[1]                                                      

(See the wind turn Rudd)


Chinese Chess is being played out before our very eyes and the players of the current game consist of –

   Australia represented by -

           Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (King)

         Joel Fitzgibbon, Helen Liu (Rooks)

        Front bench members of the ALP make up the required number of:

                                   Knights, Elephants, Mandarins, and Pawns.

            Officials of the Defence Department (Cannons)


China represented by -

           Li Changchun  (King)

         Chinese Media (Rooks)

        Members of the Chinese Communist Party make up the required number of:

                                     Knights, Elephants, Mandarins, and Pawns.

           Chinese donors to the ALP (Cannons)


Surely the time has come for questions to be asked about our Prime Minister’s secret meeting with Li Changchun together with more than hollow promises that Australians will continue to live in a democratic society.[3]

We kneed to know why Rudd welcomed Li and the accompanying Chinese media to the Lodge in Canberra but didn't deign it necessary to inform the Australian people that it took place. His statement that not everything that happens at the Lodge needs to be made public only strengthens the question; "What pressure does Communist China place on our Prime Minister in his running of the Australian government?"

We must not lose sight of the fact that Kevin Rudd was once a diplomat in China.  Was it a coincidence that our Prime Minister who called the Asian power a "huge opportunity", also called on the United States to work to integrate China in global governance?[2]

When undertaking to partake in a game of Chinese Chess the 'King' must be in command of his rooks, knights, and pawns etc. If not, however, the members of the Australian public could end up being pawns subjected to Chinese cannons.

Now that Kevin Rudd realizes his semi-secret meeting with Li Changchun is no longer a secret how long will it be before he sees the difficulties he will be faced with and change his position?[1]

With officials of his defence department having conducted a covert investigation into his own Defence Minister, with regard to him having a 16 year friendship with Sydney businesswoman Helen Liu, bells should have started ringing for our Prime Minister. Like all past politicians from either side of the bench Kevin Rudd claims he only became aware of newspaper reports of the investigation when he was in Washington visiting the US President Barack Obama.

If our Prime Minister believes that China represents a huge opportunity for the 21st century then may I suggest that he further puts his knowledge of the mandarin language to better use by becoming –

                             A citizen of the Republic of China, in order to …

                                  enable him to be the ‘King’ when he next plays what I would have to describe as … 

                                            “The Year of the political game of Chinese Chess.”

Rose C Taylor

March 26th, 2009       








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