The depraved mind and heinous activities of a Pedophile exposed...

Having My Say

by Rose C Taylor

For all the Children. We are their guardians.

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The author was inspired to write ‘Poor Poppy and the Chocolate Man’ to help bring to the attention of all parents the realization that their children can become victims of a pedophile. At the same time she wishes to give the reader an insight into behind the scenes of the unknowing families, the law enforcement’s detectives’ efforts to help stamp out these ever increasing everyday heinous acts of behavior and the recognition for the introduction of harsher sentences.

The author also wishes to state that whilst the Australian Government has apologised to the stolen generation it is her heartfelt wish that through the pages of ‘Poor Poppy and the Chocolate Man’ a sincere apology will reach all of the children who have become victims of a pedophile.



Rose C Taylor  

CHAPTER 1         Chapter 2                                       


“For who but man can reach the moon, explore the stars, compose a tune, capture the mood of a setting sun, give thanks to God when day is done”. (Rose C Taylor 1973).

   Since the beginning of time man has questioned how, why and when he was created and come to form what we call the human race.  Did we evolve from fishes?  Did we descend from the apes?  Or, are our genes a throwback to a race of people who came from another planet and, who in time, contributed to the beginnings of civilisation and the course of history that ancient man would come to take? If the latter is the case it could be argued why the first man, who before their arrival, was so primitive?  If aliens had in fact infiltrated our planet they could well have unbeknown to our forbearers established themselves in any one of the great continents of this world.

   Was our idea of the cave man as we know him a ‘reject’? I can remember saying years ago after what must have been my sixth operation that had I been born by a computer it would have rejected me.  My own medical history has proven to be different to say the least and that is all I am going to say about it but I do know that medical science still shakes its head at the many unexplained medical phenomena it encounters.

If God in his Divine Wisdom created man He must have first created the idea.  The world as we know it and inhabit is but one planet surrounded by the moon, the sun and millions of stars in a universe which we also acknowledge contains other planets, moons, suns and stars.   It is my theory that God, having created the universe, and thus our planet, then took his idea of man until His thought became a reality. (His idea became a thought His thought became matter - refer chapter 3 ‘Thought becomes Matter’). 1                                        

   Having achieved this, I pose the questiondid this creation also take place on another planet?  Were the beings from this creation more intelligent? Was our planet more unique than others and were these beings destined to reach it? Have "we" already reached it and if so have "we" already won the day?

   Someone once said that when you were born it was a biological accident. I am suggesting a biological accident could have occurred thousands, if not millions of years ago.  We all know that man has in our time reached the moon.  Could his constant drive to reach other planets be a psychological urge to find his original beginnings?  If, before the ‘big bang’ the universe and its planets were within reach of each other, could not a highly intelligent race of people searched for life on other planets much in the same way as man is doing to-day?  If this were the case they, as I have previously stated, may well have set up base on earth.

   Let us take this scenario a step further. Having discovered our planet was not only rich with plants, minerals, springs and beautiful rain forests etc. but also abundantly so, the "Aliens" (whom we shall now refer to them as) would have, at the same time, set out to explore the various regions of our planet for signs of human life.  Did they find it? My feeling is, not at the outset. Remember we are dealing with highly intelligent beings. They have already perfected a means of traveling from our planet to theirs, they had tools and equipment to create cities, and they must also have had weapons to use if they needed them.  But this was not their main reason for searching for our planet.  I believe their purpose was more a means of a survival expedition.  In plain words their planet was dying.

   Having discovered the many natural wonders of our world the team of explorers would, in time, have returned to their planet and all things being equal would have set about preparing for further space flights in order to start settling their race of people on earth. I am sure they thought there would be many such flights.  I don’t doubt that part of this great plan took place, many archaeological finds, rediscovered lost cities and the pyramids, to name but a few could support it; however, something went wrong.  If, as we now know, the universe keeps expanding and as I have mentioned previously the "Big Bang" took place, then in all probability at sometime during their visits to their planet and ours the space ships they were continuing to build were unable to either get back from earth to continue bringing more of their people to it, or they were unable to return to earth. Quite possibly the ships involved could have become "lost in space".

Working on this theory it is my belief that this is when those of the Aliens left on earth set out to find what we call "Man".  Therefore, it must be asked did their planet finally become extinct?  Were those remaining on their planet forced to start all over again?  If their space ships were capable of once reaching earth the only question left to be answered is did "they" have time?

   Yes, I believe they did find another planet; those remaining would have been quick to realise that the changes in the universe, which they were able to observe, meant that the space ships headed for earth would not be returning.  The survival of the last of the Aliens waiting to take the next planned journey to earth would have led to a swift decision being decided upon to board the remaining craft and navigate them through space.  Pilot ships would have left the main space ships and conducted the vital tests to ascertain the viability of inhabiting the numerous planets detected by them while undergoing this mission.

   As I have said I think they did find another planet.  I feel certain they were able to settle their people and put their talents to shaping their lives as they once knew them to be.  I also believe that through projected vision they have the ability to observe the world and if they choose to do so make themselves seen.  2



ALIENS/MAN        Chapter 3       Top


“To know me is to understand me – To understand me is a miracle – Yours not mine”. (Rose C Taylor 1973).

   We have now theoretically placed Aliens on our planet but before we take the next step let me explain my observations of projected vision.  If you stare at a light globe long enough then stare at a particular object you are then able to project the image of that object onto a blank wall.  With this theory in mind am I right in believing that the ancestors of the original Aliens have in fact perfected a more sophisticated means of doing this?

   I have stared at stars through a bare window on many a clear night and by concentrating on one particular star, quite possibly one of our known planets, been able to make it dance.  However, on one such occasion I must have concentrated for a moment too long because suddenly the star was heading for my window and it was at this point I ducked under the bed covers convinced it was going to crash though the window. I guess if it had I wouldn’t be writing this story.  These observations, therefore, could form part of the fundamentals of projected vision and could also be explanations for sightings of UFO’S.  Unless governments are hiding from us the real truth, no, I don’t believe there is physical evidence of flying objects and little green men.

   Having said this let us return to the Aliens on our planet and their subsequent realisation that further space ships were not coming back with either more of their kind and/or the necessary supplies to continue with their settling on earth.  How many Aliens were actually left on earth?  It would be reasonable to assume that there would have been a sufficient number of them to form a reasonably good sized community; among their most pressing needs would have been the continuation of fresh food and water. 

   If this were the case surely a group of them would have set out to explore the outer regions of the earth and it is at this stage that they, in all probability, came across "Man".  This then poses the question at what stage was "Man"?

   Darwin would have us believe in the "Ape man", Scientists would have us believe we evolved from fishes, while the Church would have us believe in Adam and Eve. They all make good stories and so shall mine.

    My story, Are we the Aliens? has man, after his creation, possessing the necessary senses that would enable him to survive. The natural progression of man, in time, would have resulted in the eventual forming of several groups of communities.  It is not hard to reason that when the Aliens came across man he was, compared to them, primitive.  I visualise man as being rugged with skin dark in color.  Man’s exposure to the elements of earth has lead me to this conclusion.

   As has been the case in the past history of the discovery of several of our own lands, we would have to describe man and his communities, in the eyes of the Aliens upon meeting up with them as "Natives".

   Were the natives friendly?  I think not.  Did they instigate any kind of battle?  They would certainly have not suppressed their right to defend their territory and if they displayed their determination to do so, one would have to reach the conclusion that a battle did take place. My feelings lead me to believe that only a short battle would have taken place with the end result being that the Aliens and man would have ultimately formed a compromise.  Is it not reasonable to assume that neither of them would have wanted their communities to perish?

   Were man and the Aliens content to go it alone?  No - I think it was inevitable that the two communities would become one and as a result of this integration of man and the Aliens the human race would have had its first propagation of interbreeding.  If this were the case then it is this view that leads me to say, as previously stated, does man have a psychological urge to reach his early beginnings through his continuous quests to find life on other planets? Chapter 1

   In my chapter ‘Six Digressions of Evolution’ (Chapter 5)I deliberate in more detail the consequences of interbreeding but in the meantime let us proceed, and in doing so, seek to arrive at the possible outcome of man and the Alien’s compromise.  The forming of such an alliance must surely have had its problems and for it to succeed there would needed to have been some form of communication between the two communities.

   Sign language may well trace its roots to way back then. However, one must agree that a common form of interaction between the two beings would have been an important necessity to help close the gap between them and their communities.  Although it could be expected that their attempts to overcome this barrier, would have been slow at times, their efforts to close the communication gap would finally have been realised.

   It could be envisaged that the agreed alliance between the Aliens and man would have been viewed with some suspicion by a number of members on both sides but given time those showing signs of apprehension would have had their fears and suspicions appeased and learnt to adapt to the changes taking place around them.

   We have now theoretically placed Aliens on our planet but before we take the next step let me explain my observations of projected vision.  If you stare at a light globe long enough then stare at a particular object you are then able to project the image of that object onto a blank wall.  With this theory in mind am I right in believing that the ancestors of the original Aliens have in fact perfected a more sophisticated means of doing this?

   The more we study the evolution of man and his ensuing trials and triumphs as he progressed towards the making of civilisation a reality, the more we can sense the touch of a race of people who when reaching earth, and in the course of time met up with man, offered him freely their knowledge and skills.  Their contribution to the development of a more efficient and beneficial lifestyle for both themselves and man cannot be denied nor can their numerous cultures which traces of can be found between the lines of the pages of our history.

   The rustle of the wind and the roar of thunder inspired them to create musical crescendos that we today could liken to the operas composed by Wagner.  Whenever they played their flutes they would turn the gentle sounds of rain into the melodious water music we associate with Handel.   Their litanies of thanks resembled joyous songs of praise. They were a people that truly embraced all that life had to offer and their love of life gave life to love.

   Might not the anticipation of man being once more reunited with the Aliens I write of be more than an end to a story?  Could it not rather be the beginning of a reality which started out as a dream?

   Never far from the Aliens minds was the hope that their own kind would return.  To say that they did not seek to find them elsewhere on earth would be amiss of me. Their high optimism would have had them on numerous occasions set off on searching expeditions and in the process establishing landmarks for them should they ever make it back from either their planet or another they may have inhabited.

   While on these expeditions it is to be expected that the groups involved would have set up further home bases resulting in the building of more cities which in time the ever expanding population of both communities would settle in.  Did they also come across other unknown settlements of man and if so did the battles start all over again? One would have to believe that if this was the case the Aliens, aided by their human allies, on reflection would no doubt have settled them swiftly.  It would not have been until man had finally become the sole survivor of the alliance between the two beings that wars and battles of great magnitude would have taken place.  Why do I say this - it is because when the original Aliens started to die out they would have taken with them to their resting place many of their ideas, their intelligence never being quite met by their next of kin.

This breed of Alien, unlike their ancestors, would not have had the ability to negotiate compromises nor would they have been as masterful. In time the descendants of the original Aliens would have dwindled in numbers until such time only those born through interbreeding remained.  Mans survival would have to be attributed to his ever increasing population.  Their numbers would have grown quite rapidly over the years and as there is always power in numbers those with the greater number would have sought to dominate any smaller group or community they encountered.  Was this power for the good?  When we study the history of our past we may be inclined to think not. Do we think likewise when we see the same familiar patterns in the make up of our current history, which we are leaving behind for future generations?

   We must also question mans own ability to construct cities of such incredibility.  Was this brought about because of the knowledge he gained from the Aliens and subsequently taught to his people?  The numerous remains of such a time which so far have been found have a certain mystery and the very nature of that mystery allows us to speculate all the possibilities as to how they came about.

   If these mysteries were originally lost due to floods and earthquakes then man would also have lost whole communities and much of the necessary provisions needed for survival.  Their journeys to find provisions would have led them to cross many rivers.  In order to embark on such journeys special rafts would have to have been constructed.  Over a period of time these rafts would have been improved upon, making them more reliable and durable.  Eventually their design would resemble those of the sailing vessels we have come to associate with the ancient mariners of long ago.  

   During their travels at this time the crews of these ships would in all probability have encountered other tribes with customs of their own.  War would not always have broken out for surely if man’s main quest was one of gathering provisions he would have wanted to do trade with the people on other continents.  Bartering had to start somewhere and along with it and the oldest profession in the world life went on.  And so down through history man and his communities spread and because of this all that followed starts to take shape.

   When we also look at our past history we can read of unearthed treasures and lost cities that are very modern for their time and it is with this in mind that I ask could they be the remains of the landmarks left by the Aliens for their own kind to find should they ever return to earth?  

   If we place on earth an Alien and his subsequent meeting up with man we can start to look at the outcome of such a meeting.  First and foremost the Aliens knowledge of building would have been far superior to that of mans and thus in supervising the erection of new and more sophisticated cities would have seen the shape of the world and its environment changing to one which was made up of what I would describe as very livable and civilised.  Their expertise on drainage would have seen the introduction of sewerage systems, baths that could be likened to hot springs and the use of running cold water for their cooking needs.

   Once more I question - can we pass off the notion that many of the discovered relics found by archeologists could not indeed be from such a time?

   With the coming together of Man and the Aliens, not only would their living conditions have changed but many other exchanging of ideas would have taken place such as the type of clothing worn.

   A few years ago when I was given garments to wear during an episode of the epic ‘Noah’ I observed that the undergarments of rough cotton were machine stitched.  I was amused by this and passed the comment "I wasn’t aware they had Singer sewing machines back in those days."

   However, I was to learn some time later that the threading together of garments was indeed carried out in the very early days of our civilisation.  Were the women of earth shown this practice by the Aliens?  The fine silk and woolen garments worn by the Aliens would have been greatly admired and the desire to wear such clothing would have led to the Aliens showing man how to weave and create his own particular style of dress.

   One can imagine that many drawings for the purpose of teaching would have been produced by the Aliens and although no space ships remained on earth for man to physically board and inspect I feel sure that sketches of these ships would have been drawn in order to help man understand how they, the Aliens, reached earth.  Do the drawings and the stories told by the Aliens still linger in the minds of modern man?  For the purpose of this story I think they do and are the driving force behind man’s eternal quest to seek out life on the planets surrounding earth.

   Many versions of the ‘stone age’ of man have been recorded by historians both past and present.  What I write of is an age of two races of people from two different planets meeting up and eventually living together side by side for a period of time which in itself helped shaped the future of our world.

   If we care to ponder this possibility we can picture in our minds man’s first encounter with a group of strangers entering his world.  And, it would be reasonable to expect, that man’s first reactions to such a happening may well have been hostile.  But, if in time these hostilities were resolved, the chain of events that we could envision following, as the result of a peaceful outcome, could well be classed as history in the making.

   As these two races of beings gradually came to close the communication gap between them many forums would have taken place at the meeting houses of the day.  The interest shown by both beings on their different cultures would have been discussed at great length.  While man would have marveled at the means by which the Aliens traveled to earth the Aliens would have been just as greatly impressed by mans cultivation of the land he inhabited.

   Among the many skills shown to man by the Aliens would have been their basic use of numbers and the way in which they applied them in order to calculate the distance between day and night.  Man would have come to learn the fundamentals of a sun dial which would have been very necessary when both races of people set out to explore the many regions of the earth. Facing the perils of the night would have been made less hazardous as their nightly rests could be more carefully planned with the aid of the sun dials.  The daylight hours in which to travel could be calculated more accurately thus giving a feeling of assurance to those parties of people setting out on the planned expeditions.

   It is not hard to imagine that by combining the expertise of both races of people along with the many sophisticated tools the Aliens had brought with them on their journey to earth great progress would have been made in the further developing of the fertile land which they now shared.  The feeling among them all that their alliance would enhance all of their lives would have been positive and their eagerness to contribute their skills and labor towards making the community a  prosperous one would have to have seen the start of the building of new cities. Working along side each other by day they would have taken to mingling with each other at night thus forming a comradeship among them.

   Place yourself around the many open fires where they would have gathered and you can hear the excited chatter of the people.  You quite possibly would also hear the chanting of praise to the higher being man believed watched over them.  The Aliens you would hear reciting litanies of thanks to this same higher being making the celebration of prayer a ceremonial rite.  And, if you listened carefully you might also hear the beating of drum like instruments accompanied by the soft and gentle strains of flutes fashioned from reeds.  The melodious sounds coming from the combination of these two instruments would create an atmosphere of great harmony and the people would start to sway thus forming the beginnings of the rhythmical dance movements we associate with such ancient times.

   We can also expect that the gradual introduction of further instruments would have been added to enhance their nightly festivities together with words of song like praise and no doubt these additions would eventually come to form part of their revered ceremonies.

   We only have to observe the American Negroes at worship to understand how song and dance can emit from them their deep religious feelings when giving praise to God.

   In the time I write of, religious rituals would become a daily custom, performed and practiced in and around the growing communities.

   Is it possible that such an idyllic age of man existed?  If it did I would have to describe it as a time when there was a true paradise on earth, a sanctuary built on peace and goodwill, a haven which provided not only food and shelter for its people but eternal hope for them to build their dreams on.  This paradise would have been presided over by the elders chosen by the people as a mark of respect to their collective years of wisdom.

   In turn the council formed by the elders would have set about administering a code of rules which would have predetermined the necessary foundations to maintain harmony among the people.  Any disputes arising out of dissent among the communities and, no doubt at times there may well have been, would have been settled by the council and its members.

   From the outset we have pictured man as an explorer and the Aliens as adventurous beings.  As their alliance continued to enhance their lifestyle so too did their desire to further explore the world.  Journeying with them in our minds would take us to distant lands reached only by the successful crossing of raging rivers and the climbing of exceedingly high mountains.  Overcoming both these perilous obstacles would have required skill and courage as necessary requisites for their explorations to be realised. Barge like vessels would have been built to carry out such journeys allowing for provisions to be taken with them to meet their daily needs.  Small donkey like beasts may well have also been be put on board so that they could be used as a means of transporting them across the vast areas of land they knew lay ahead.  Among the provisions needed for their travels you would have found water bags fashioned from animal skins.  Many of these containers would have hung from the necks of the donkeys; crude leather type harnesses placed over their backs would have provided the means of carrying various utensils which could be used when stopping at night to set up camp.

   Our travelers would have been well aware of the man eating beasts that would prey on them during the nights. While some members of the expedition slept others would have stayed awake forming a guard watch so that harm would not fall upon them, their donkeys or their provisions.  Strong men would have chosen to carry out these guard watches and they in time would have formed themselves into an army of men.

   This army of men would have led the way ahead when entering new found settlements negotiating for their people safe entry which would in turn enable them to replenish their dwindling provisions.  Trading would have been a common occurrence among the different races of people allowing for the exchange of goods and chattels and therefore introducing new items of interest to the market places of the day.

   While many of the people from the groups of explorers who had joined the expedition spent time resting and chatting among themselves the Aliens among them would have been busy chartering maps of the lands they had crossed so they could determine the direction of their whereabouts and the correct course they should follow.

   With the aid of the maps produced by the Aliens their navigational skills would have resulted in great distances being traveled by the various groups of people who formed the expedition.  They would have discovered along the way many of the great wonders of the world. Journals would have been kept of their journeys.  Their contents would have been a valuable source of information and would have been used by those who at a later time chose to embark on adventures of a similar nature so that they too could see the marvels described in the journals.

   It could be expected that some people from the current expedition might have chosen not to move on while at the same time those continuing with their explorations may well have been joined by a number of members of the communities they came across while on their travels. Changes would have taken place to the lives of many and it is this fact alone that we today living on earth are made up of many different nations spread across the worlds continents.

   We know that the original Aliens who chose to land on earth were not great in numbers therefore we would have to acknowledge that the original race of people, with the passing of time, would have died out, in fact become extinct, however, although we may not be their direct descendants, we can if we wish, perceive them to have been during their time on earth, a driving force behind the development of civilisations that man alone could not have achieved and that even today that force is still present.

   What were the thoughts behind modern man’s plan to reach the moon?  Did Nasser and it’s experts hope to find beneath the crust of the moon’s surface signs of life other than water?  Did our first astronauts when they reached the moon experience a feeling of anticipation that was not to be realised?  If we are able to achieve the space flights carried out by man today should we be attributing part of their knowledge and know how to a race of people who in a time far away paved the way for man to reach the 21st century?   With the already necessary technical skills available to man can he be confident that his future explorations of the universe will open up horizons once known only to the very Aliens I write of?

   If we acknowledge that such an era of time did take place and search for signs of evidence among the numerous artifacts belonging to that period of our history, many of which are displayed in some of the worlds greatest museums, we may come to a closer understanding of man both past and present.  This leads me to say that it stands to reason that as we delve into ancient history the very evidence of their existence may well be found among the remnants of the relics and ruins discovered over the years and which have been dated back to ancient times.

   The world as we know it is but a giant circular jigsaw its many pieces having been formed by the earths natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and the eruption of giant volcanoes.  As man and the Aliens faced these disasters they would have realised that many of both races would perish. In order to help those that survived, the Aliens, who were masters at record keeping, would have made certain that their data banks of information were kept up to date.  Although many of the original Aliens were diminishing in numbers every effort would have been made to leave records for the offspring of both themselves and man.  Had the Aliens had sufficient numbers to ensure the continuance of their race would the method of keeping these records have continued for a far greater time in the history of man?  Perhaps they are and further probing into the possibility of the Aliens existence on earth in a time far away may prove my point.

   Was man sold short when the original Aliens were unable to continue to keep bringing more of their people to earth?

   Had their numbers been far greater would their expeditions have taken them to further regions of the earth?  Would they have reached Africa? So far history tells us that many moons passed before white man entered Africa.  Would it be a different Africa today had the Aliens entered its territories and befriended the Black Africans in the same way they offered their friendship to Ancient man?

   I also visualise the Aliens displaying their most courteous selves upon meeting up with the strong black men of Africa in order to avoid bloodshed and destruction. Being of high intellect they would have been quick to realise that they had discovered a race of people whose cultures were far removed from their own and would not only have afforded them the respect they deserved but delighted in the learning of them.

   By introducing to the earlier times of man another race of people, who had traveled from a distant planet to earth in order to ensure the survival of their own kind,  we are opening up channels of thought not yet fully explored by modern man.  To have these people integrate with man and together build the beginnings of a sustainable civilisation is no different in the way several small businesses merge in order to form a more profitable and viable organisation.

   Can we afford to ignore what might have been the first merger to have taken place and should we be searching for the answers more closely among the pages of past history?

   I first started to write this story when we were about to enter the 21st century.  A new millennium awaited us, one which would make us all be proud that man had reached it despite the many set backs he had to face since his time began on earth.  We have now already celebrated the start of this new era but must we take with us the fears and prejudices of our past history or can we, in an attempt to achieve a more peaceful existence for all mankind, leave them behind?  If the so called millennium bug could have done one thing for the benefit of us all it would have served the world and its people well by wiping out those very fears and prejudices, leaving in its wake the certainty of a fresh start. If in time this were to happen might the Aliens who visited us so many years ago be prepared to return to earth enabling us to be hosts once again to a race of people whose connection with our world has never been forgotten?  If the Aliens were constantly surveying our world through their means of the projected vision that I spoke of at the beginning of this chapter, could this be the time when once again they would be willing to re-enter the earth’s atmosphere?

   Would we find our differences to be many or would our similarities be more in keeping with that of modern man?

   My chapters on ‘Thought becomes Matter’ and ‘Astral Travel’ (Chapter 4) do allow us to gain an understanding of how we can relate to the possibility of man and the Aliens having in times past formed an alliance.  I leave it up to you the reader to leave your decision making until you have read through both of these chapters.


THOUGHT BECOMES MATTER       Chapter 3    Chapter 4     Top                (Reference back to Chapter 1)

“If you do nothing, you achieve nothing. If you do something, you create a beginning.” (Rose C. Taylor Jan 2009)     Chapter

   The idea of thought becoming matter must be taken back to first the creation of the world and then the creation of man.  We accept that all matter is a mass of atoms, the energy from which forms humans, animals, insects and the like included.  Billions of years ago, from this energy, the universe became a mass of planets and through the natural expansion of time the world, its stars, sun and moon were formed.  The environment of the world was one of warmth and beauty and to keep it safe God enveloped Himself around it in the form of a circle of atoms.  Each of these atoms in time created more warmth and beauty and the world became filled with virgin forests, pure rivers and unsullied land.  This natural progression led God to the thought of forming His idea of Himself from the circle of atoms surrounding earth. He then, from the remainder of the atoms, created a man and a woman and in my book God repeated this creation in many places throughout the world which in turn led to the beginning of mankind and the many different races of people who now inhabit the world as we know it.

   In reality we can apply this theory to our ideas and thoughts and their subsequently becoming matter.  If you have an idea and then think about it long enough in time you will have the necessary matter to create it. One interesting case I can remember was when I purchased an expensive crystal butterfly but felt it needed a special base to sit on.  Previously I had placed a crystal oyster on a small oblong mirror and thought the same idea would be suitable for the butterfly but I wasn’t happy.    After two days of trying various ways of displaying the butterfly, I came to the conclusion I would need a round mirror of a certain size and I would have to look out for one when I was out shopping but because I am a determined person and I couldn't stop thinking about it, it led me to remember that I did have just the right size mirror. It was part of a beauty bag I never used.   I am sure you the reader could relate to many similar occasions. 

   When man first applied his thoughts and ideas for the purpose of meeting his daily needs he did so because his very existence depended upon him following his basic instincts so that not only himself but those in his care could survive.  His need for shelter from the elements would have led him to utilise the materials the earth provided.  When finally his first efforts to meet his requirements were realised he would have no doubt been inspired to give further thought to ways and means of transforming his ideas and thoughts until, literally speaking, they became matter.

   With this in mind it is not incomprehensible to imagine, in fact believe, that man would have eventually implemented his very first ideas and thoughts to ensure his survival and in doing so, would, given time, mastered the art of providing for himself food, water and shelter.

   All great inventions, both large and small, begin with an idea. Over past generations man has developed great cities and in order to maintain them invented machines; all of which became a reality by the very process of thought becoming matter.

   When we look at the world of science we can easily apply this method. The very existence of the numerous vaccinations and antibiotics we rely on today is without a doubt unquestionable, while the continuing growth of the natural medicine industry would have to be attributed to man and his first ideas and thoughts in relation to the process of healing the body since the beginning of his time on earth.                         

   The world of advertising which lives and breathes ideas and is dependant on them for its very survival is a perfect example of thought becoming matter. Our daily lives are influenced by this medium which continually sets off a chain of events that in time create more thoughts which inevitably turn to matter.

   Having worked in this industry for a period of time I have seen the results of many of the ideas submitted by the creative employees of the art department.  In their final layout their vibrant presentations burst alive and I was able to witness first hand the notion that thought does indeed become matter.

   The masterpieces and great works of our past and living composers, together with the vast collection of paintings we are privileged to view in art galleries spread around the world are yet a further example of the process of ideas and thoughts becoming matter.                  

   It is when we study the works of the great masters of art we can truly appreciate their ideas and if we look at them from their angle we can almost see their explosions of thought on the very canvases they used to create their works of art. When Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Cistern Chapel his ideas erupted showering the ceiling with what can only be described as a brilliant kaleidoscope of colors. His saint like impressions jump out at you and this great work of art with its life like angels and cherubs allow us to embrace the very presence of heaven. These great past masters of art would have to be perfect examples of ideas and thoughts which have without a doubt become matter.

   The more we explore this theory the more we are able to see around us the results of its process and how with the passing of time man has continued to put the wheels in motion to develop from his ideas better cities to serve the needs of the people.

   They say that necessity is the mother of invention; however, the greatest invention known to us is the mind of man. His ability to create ideas which in turn have become matter has always led to turning points in history. Without mans curiosity and his desire to create, whether it be a work of art, a lilting melody, a best selling novel or a simple meal to accompany his wine, we would be denied the very joy they afford us. It has been said that anticipation is half the pleasure, then let it also be said that the anticipation of thought turning to matter is the other half.

   On the other hand, mention must me made that throughout history there have been times when man has had many of his ideas and inventions rejected the main objection to them being that they have been too radical. When presenting them he has been ridiculed for their design and his efforts to prove their worth have often fallen on deaf ears. History can also show that the progress of man has been hindered and without a doubt taken a step backwards because of the lack of vision shown in those he has sought out in order to obtain their approval. If the original ancestors of man had not been spurred on and encouraged to develop their ideas we would still be waiting for the wheel to be invented. Why I ask must the development of an idea that in the long run could meet the needs of mankind be denied us simply because of those who feel threatened by the thought of its success?

   Nevertheless, persistence in seeing an idea through to its final stage has always proved to win out in the end. The determination to explore the various methods towards the final stages of an idea can often take our inspirations to greater heights and render us with more positive results. From a tiny acorn does the oak tree grow and so too can one small idea. It is when we act upon the idea we automatically set in motion the thought that will ultimately be responsible for it becoming matter.

   But, in my opinion there has to be more and it is here that I would like to explore with you the coming together of ideas and thoughts through the means of ‘Astral Travel’.


   It is only when we dare to venture into the world of ‘Astral Travel’ that we are able to attribute much of man’s progress and the recorded achievements of his past history to that medium.



ASTRAL TRAVEL AND THE GREAT MINDS OF THE FUTURE  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Top   (Reference back to Chapter 3)

"The great minds of the past live through the great minds of the present in order to become not only the great minds of the future but are the future"  

Rose C Taylor July, 1998

   Ah what a wonderful world it is when we enter it by means of Astral Travel. One need never have to pay to travel the world in order to see the many great wonders it has to offer. Our dreams can take us anywhere we may wish but in reality Astral Travel is more than an unpaid flight to places of our fancy. Astral Travel has to be one of the greatest forms of communication man has between himself and the minds of both the past generations and the ever present living ones. I am not speaking of mental telepathy nor am I referring to those who seek to contact the spirit world through séances. Though I have had some amusing experiences with friends performing the latter I would have to say that we did not gain any understanding of the hereafter or what it might even hold for us. In my chapter ‘All things Bright and Spiritual’ (Chapter 6) I discuss my personal experiences with the past living and the sense of their existence.

   Many books have been written on the subject of Astral Travel and how to achieve the perfect state in order to participate in the wonders of it. I have never tried the theories recommended. Astral Travel is, and always has been, available to all of us. We need only to sleep and it can take place. It is on awakening and going about our daily lives that we gradually come to realise that we have been communicating beyond the normal means of doing so.

   My experiences have been many but one of the more frequent realisations comes to me when viewing certain movies. I will swear black and blue I have already seen it but as it has been a new release it is argued back to me that I could not have.  As I have always enjoyed using my imagination it became apparent to me that all the places I visit in my dreams and the conversations I have with the people I meet while dreaming , are for the purpose of communicating my ideas. Do I set the pace so that the next step can be taken?

   Many of us never realise all of our aspirations yet we see them being performed by others around us and can often be heard to say "I could have done that".  I firmly believe that through Astral Travel we have the ability to communicate to others our solutions and ideas towards particular problems and projects.  If the Aliens did in fact arrive on earth then they too would have used this means of ‘getting in touch’ with their own kind back on their planet.

   If we can Astral Travel while sleeping then so must those in different places and time zones to us. I say this because the theme of one particular movie I viewed I do not hesitate to attribute it to an experiment I had carried out in my car relating to time travel.

   After seeing this movie I began thinking more seriously about the probabilities of Astral Travel bringing about the coming together of ideas and thoughts. If this process was a reality then the exchanging of such ideas and thoughts, in my case the movie, would be inevitable.

   As the books I spoke of will tell you, you will experience flying in your dreams and waking up preceded by a thud in your bed. Both of these I acknowledge but do not hold that they have to happen in order to Astral Travel.

   Often in our dreams we return to the places we lived in when we were growing up and it is my belief that when we do so, particularly if on a regular basis, we are going back to prepare the way for unfulfilled ambitions which are about to occur in our future lives. When we find ourselves dreaming of the schools and colleges we once attended we do so as a means of recapturing important knowledge which will assist us. If used wisely many doors will be opened.

   We go to bed to get sleep and rest. But, not always does this process follow. It is a considered theory of mine that our spirits often take off for a night of fun. On many occasions I have woken up to see myself standing over me as if about to get into bed. On one such occasion I was wearing my favorite after five dress and can only surmise I had had a very good night out.  I think this explains why sometimes when we awake from what we hoped would be a good nights sleep we feel completely exhausted.

   From the previous experience and that of waking up and seeing the form of my small child going out through my bedroom window, which I might add was firmly closed, has led me to ponder the idea are we living more than one life while here on earth?

   Feeling the presence of the time of the first Easter one Easter Sunday many years ago, still very vivid in my mind, would also lead me to raise the question—are we living in and out of time in ways we are not yet able to explain? Most of us on more than one occasion have experienced the feeling of having previously attended a particular event but often pass it off as something we may have dreamed of. Others may refer to it as déjà vu. However, I feel that these occurrences have been predestined through our ability to Astral Travel enabling us to automatically set the scene and allowing us to be in control of the event and its outcome.

   Many people subscribe to the theory that we are reincarnated and that we all have various past lives. I do not belong to that school of thought but prefer to attribute our connections with the not only the past but the present and future to Astral Travel.

   The only event in my life that I could and did connect to a past life was when I was operating a clothing boutique. I had purchased a French Calendar for decorative purposes and on the front of it was a painting of a very formidable French Madam. I christened her Madam Boutique and took to calling myself by the same name as I worked late into the nights dressing up the window and clothing the mannequins ready for the opening of my business.

   My time spent in this field was short and eventually I had to close the beautiful shop I had created. My monetary resources were limited and I was forced to seek alternative employment. I often remarked that Madam Boutique must have been a greedy person for her time on earth and blamed her for the failure of my attempt at running a fashion house.

   Not long after I had closed down the boutique I became acquainted with some Frenchmen at a party and asked the question "Did they know of a Madam Boutique having lived in France many years ago and was she perhaps associated with greed and destruction?" I was not at all surprised when they said I was referring to such a woman of the same name having existed in the late nineteenth century.

   I do not believe I was once the original Madam Boutique but do believe that through Astral Travel our paths crossed. I can only surmise that she wanted me to fail because I dared to mock her. Looking back at that time, as I write of it, makes me more certain that the minds of all the past living and the present contribute to our future and its destiny.

   While addressing the subject of Astral Travel I would have to say that one of the greatest Astral travelers known to man would have to have been Nostradamus.

   When he was locked away with all the books and journals of the great past writers, he was told he had to memorise them.  He could not take them from the hidden library they were kept in. Through his constant reading of these great volumes for hours on end he would have, when he finally allowed himself to sleep, experienced himself Astral Traveling. He would have joined his mind with the minds of the great writers whose works he was reading. His knowledge would have been enormous. However, I believe, the enormity of this knowledge was to lead him to the burning of the coveted books and journals.

   The task set him was too much for one mind. But the great minds of the past can not only inspire the great minds of the present, I say they can and do live on through the means of Astral Travel. Combining this theory with the chapter relating to ‘Thought becomes Matter’ we can start to come to terms with the achievements of today's modern man and the world he lives in.

   We all possess a sixth sense which many of us choose to ignore for fear of being put in a class of one pound short of a penny. Learning to deal with this sixth sense and recognising its worth takes many years of understanding. I would be the first to agree that it can lead to dangerous episodes in our lives and destroy our creditability.  Our mental institutions are filled with individuals fighting to come to terms with reality—I know I have been there.  Until I accepted that I needed to take a continuous small dosage of lithium daily for the rest of my life I would be forever at war with myself continually being admitted to these institutions. The good side to my taking my medication means I have not been unstable for years—the bad side is I no longer experience the lighter side of what they call manic depression.  However, the lithium does not rob you of your past experiences and the inferences you can place on them.

   Despite the aforementioned, my writing of ‘Are we the Aliens?’ was not inspired by my past but has only served to help me express some of the theories contained in it.

   They say that madness is one step from genius - surely this is the case with many of our past great masters of art, be it through their writings, their paintings or their music. Manic depression has been no stranger to kings, queens, political leaders and last but not least the great inventors that helped shaped our world.

   Suffice to say a little madness can go a long way towards making it in this day and age.

   Although there are many among us who would not subscribe to the theory of ‘Astral Travel’ it does not mean that we cannot explore its possibilities or the outcome of its probabilities. Many books have already been written on the subject and no doubt many more will come from the pens of future authors. My writings do not come from fantasies created by a vivid imagination but from actual experiences which have led me to explore more deeply the way it can affect our daily lives. Understanding the indirect meanings of Astral Travel can help us interpret the many messages we receive through this medium and learn to realise their importance.

   Communication between friends that we are unable to be with can, and does come about, through Astral Traveling. One such event allowed me to physically see and speak with a very dear friend who I knew the chance of us both meeting again personally was very remote.

   The Australian Aboriginals refer to ‘Dreamtime’ while the American Indians speak of the "Phoenix rising from the Ashes".  Are they speaking of 'Astral Travel' and how it can determine our very existence?

   Although, you the reader, may feel you have not consciously experienced ‘Astral Travel’ your involvement with it can be explored if you care to analyse more closely your nightly dreams and how they can be connected to your daily activities. I do not wish to emphatically proclaim ‘Astral Travel’ in a doctrine like fashion but do acknowledge that it is a deciding factor in the way our lives are shaped.

CHAPTER 5               Chapter 5         Top       Chapter 6      (Reference back to Chapter 2)


 "It is far too often we appraise a man for what he is worth rather than praise him for what he has done"

Rose C Taylor 1973

   The film "Six Degrees of Separation" and an article recently published in one of our daily papers on the subject, led me to realise that my theory on evolution could have as much credibility as that of the mathematicians who have worked on the events linked to the "Six Degrees of Separation".



   We all at sometime have seen impersonators of both past and present entertainers, politicians, the Royal Family and other well known identities. Is it coincidence? I think not. If we go back to the first arrival of the Aliens and their subsequent meeting up with our Man we can start to look at the evolution process in a different way to what is generally accepted.  

   The world is round and if we form a circle around it we have the beginnings of evolution. Let me explain myself—God created Man—and in doing so He started a chain of events that through the natural flow of His plan were meant to occur. If we go completely around a circle we always stop where we started and if we continue to go around and around it we create an evolving process which is what was also meant to take place. Had their been no wars, no famines or floods, diseases or other world disasters we would have eventually come face to face with ourselves. If you can imagine a circle of humans constantly going around the world but some of them more anxious to get to the beginning of the circle again and these humans are continuously pushing away those in front of them you can start to get the picture I am trying to paint. Today we have come to recognise it in the form of greed, murder and the destruction of many civilisations through the sheer madness of wars. When we allow for natural disasters such as floods, fires and earthquakes all which create famines and disease then the interruption of the natural circumference of evolution was bound to happen.

   We determined our time of evolving when we not only intermingled with the Aliens, but since our time on earth have continuously engaged in battles with each other. Man himself automatically caused the interruption of the pattern of the evolving process, and by doing so today we find that we don’t know our true selves. Look in the rear vision mirror of your car the next time you are at a traffic stop. I can guarantee you will swear the person in the car behind you is someone you know from your past. It might not always be the case but you will, given time, get the result I am referring to. How many times has someone mistaken you for another or you have been told you are the spitting image of a particular person. I believe we were all created with the view to continuously evolving through time until we became whole. Instead we have restless spirits within us and find ourselves forever seeking what some would refer to as inner peace.

   I have two examples of look a likes you may wish to ponder -

   1. Elvis Presley

   2. Princess Diana

   In the case of Princess Diana I keep coming across photos of complete strangers and on first glance have thought it was Princess Diana - these people have not been impersonators.

   Working on this theory I ask that you consider the possibility of our evolvement occurring every second with the end result being that in time we would come full circle with our true identity. If this process was indeed altered through many of the causes I have listed above then is it unreasonable to conclude that civilisation today is made up of millions of similar identities whom we refer to as look-a-likes?"



   God created man in his image and if I am saying that he also created man on another planet but with a far greater intelligence than earth man, then upon the arrival of the Aliens and the subsequent alliance of the two races it is only natural to assume that eventually interbreeding would have taken place resulting in the creation of offspring with various degrees of mentality. Many would have been of a superior class but also many would have possessed little or no means of grasping the basic fundamentals of life. This in itself would have brought about divisions in the communities and the necessary measures to separate the normal from the not so normal.

   Life would not have been easy for the sub-normal and one can easily imagine them as being used as lowly servants bordering on slaves. One can also picture them being abused sexually and this would have led to all sorts of complications unknown at that time to either man or the Alien.

   If this were the case we can assume that as the original ancestors of both beings died the earth was being populated by a group of descendants quite different to them.

   When you mate two different species you must make allowances for some physical and mental change but when you start mating sub-normal with normal then surely we could expect to see a far greater change in the offspring. I am not abdicating that races should not mix but do suggest that as a result of the possibility of such happenings as described above we could be looking at a time that could have led to the development of many of our dysfunctional humans today.

   Had man and the Alien chosen not to interbreed then the world would have been spared many of the known diseases of today and those still unknown. Through their integration not only with themselves but as the years progressed with those of other races, as we discovered earlier in chapter two, the inevitable increase in population brought with it a variety of illnesses. Some would have been resistant to cure while others would have lingered and no doubt some would have lain dormant only to emerge again in plague proportions.

   We all know that hygiene plays an important part in our well being but if the habits of the first Aliens who brought with them many of the more sophisticated means of hygiene were not always able to be kept up with then it goes without saying, though I will say it, that there must have been periods of time when man and his descendants lacked proper means of everyday cleanliness.

   A far bigger picture with regard to interbreeding can be envisioned when we look at the millions of people that populate the third world countries. Their authorities and governments are unable to provide their people with the basic needs necessary to maintain a normal standard of living.

   The complications of interbreeding began not only when man and the Aliens integrated but also as they explored the world and reached many of its continents. There is always a price to pay in the name of progress and the results of interbreeding would have to be one of them.


   God created man and woman for the sole purpose of propagation. His plan was far reaching in that, given time, the eventual rise in population would lead to the forming of the human race. Over the years it would be expected that man’s daily needs would take him to further regions of the earth. In the same way the Aliens planned their expedition, man would have set about organising men and women from several communities to take part in such activities. Equality of sexes would have been a normal acceptance. The choosing of a party of people from both sexes, who were strong and healthy, would have been carried out in order to create a harmonious balance. And, has it not been said, man cannot live by bread alone.

   It is to be expected that while on these expeditions man would have been confronted with a number of unknown dangers. Overcoming these perils would not have always been successful and would have resulted in many on them not making a safe return home. However, many would have discovered parts of the earth that were ideal for habitation and set about building new communities with the intention of returning for members of their original tribes. If the union of marriage was not yet a formal ritual then copulation between the two sexes would have been a natural occurrence. Likewise members of the communities awaiting the return of the expedition groups would also have engaged in sexual intercourse. Other than his need for survival, was man’s natural will for the continuation of mankind.

   But, to say that this was his sole purpose for engaging in sexual encounters would be rather naive. The restraints laid down by various religions would not have been the custom and various sexual activities would have taken place among all sexes. The giving of birth would have made them curious to say the least. In their own primitive way they quite possibly could have held the belief that man could also conceive. With this in mind their attempts of mating with male partners would have been quite acceptable. Given this was the case, it is quite reasonable for us to understand the biological make up of what we today call homosexuality. The bonding of two people with the natural desire to form a family unit does not always have to be made up of a man and a woman. In the time of our first ancestors many children would have been raised and cared for in a communal atmosphere with couples of varying sexes nurturing them.

   The sense of touch would have to have been an experience of pure joy. This simple pleasure would have been carried out with no restrictions and their desire to touch or be touched would have been as natural as an everyday handshake.

   They say that every good book should contain in its chapters a certain amount of sex. Describing rituals and orgies that may or may not have taken place is not essential for the purpose of this story and I shall not endeavor to do so but rather leave the reader to engage his own imagination with regard to the sexual activities carried out during the history of ancient man.


   Man, unlike the animal beasts that roamed the earth, was unique, in that God gave him a free will.

   His free will allowed for him to experience the world through his sense of sight and sound thus also allowing him to come to terms with the very idea of existing. Man lived in a time of great challenge, this very existence would have urged him to continually search out the means of providing for himself and his community.

   Among the perils confronted by man on his survival expeditions was his conflict with what he quickly came to learn were man eating animals. His awareness of their hunt for prey presented him with the need to devise ways and means of stalking these beasts. It became a matter of kill or be killed.

   The earth and its elements can be harsh and cruel. Surviving these elements would have been well tested by man and his will to overcome them. His observations of thunder and lightning coupled with his ingenuity could well have led to the making of wood fires in order to shelter from the cold nights. Skins from the animals he encountered and killed would have become clothing and the meat thrown upon the fires. Curiosity might have killed the cat but man’s curiosity would have been aroused by the aromas of the cooking meat and thus through his sense of taste he would have discovered a dietary supplement other than the fish he speared from the abundant supply in the clear water lakes and streams surrounding him together with the fruit and herbs he had become accustomed to.

   The crude hunting aids made by man to kill the prey that stalked him no doubt would have later been enlarged and improved upon to form an arsenal of weapons for the purpose of protecting his lifestyle.

   These weapons would have been used when originally defending their territory from the Aliens. Together with their determination to win such battles they would not have felt powerless to succeed.

   Our instinctive urge to claim ownership to what is rightly ours has always been a right man has never hesitated to defend and throughout history has shown to have been the reason behind many bloodbaths on the battlefields.

   Possessions make up a great part of our daily lives and keeping them under our own roofs can at times be a burden. Our courts are filled with disputes over them and often they are the reason for family arguments which inevitably lead to complete breakdowns.

   When man and the Aliens settled their differences on the battleground I am sure that as a result of their alliance and the combining of their individual talents this would, in time, have led to ownership rights.

   These very rights today are still being challenged by those who claim to have been the first race of people to inhabit various regions of the world and despite the many treaties signed over the centuries there is still unresolved hostility in the world today.

   When possessions become the reason for conflict and war (which I speak of in Digression 6) too often the chaos and destruction and more importantly the loss of life, which comes with such  battles, does not justify the end result.


   Like all communities, leaders would have been chosen and in time governments would have been elected.

   To maintain harmony and goodwill among the people regulations would have been introduced ensuring that law and order reigned. Warriors representing man and the Aliens would have been selected to form what we would call an army. Their duties would have been widespread in and around the communities and they would have kept guard of the cities both day and night.

   There are good governments and there are bad ones. One would have to imagine that during this time of settlement dissent among the various leaders and the communities would not have been uncommon. Uprisings between the warriors and the civilians of the day would have in time led to bloody demonstrations.

   Breakaway groups could well have chosen to form opposing governments.

   Man is a very complex being. History has shown us that his determination to defend his rights for both himself and his fellowman has not always been plain sailing and even way back then he would have contemplated the idea of democracy.

   Man has also shown himself to be a caring person by the many journeys he undertook to search for further supplies for not only his needs but those of his people. It is not unreasonable therefore to assume that he would seek justice from the governments and their leaders.

   One might also consider that some of the breakaway groups may well have chosen to leave their community preferring instead to journey the earth and establish new settlements.

   Having accomplished this in time their hard work and cultivation of the land they chose to settle on would have come to resemble what we today know as a kingdom. They too would have sought to elect a government to maintain law and order. Because of their collective knowledge the elders among them would become a hierarchy and would have earned the respect of the populace.

   If we were to follow the paths of these pioneers and others like them we would find ourselves coming across many kingdoms. Our history books tell us that many battles took place to conquer these kingdoms and life for the common man was not without its share of turmoil.

   As is the case today many countries throughout the world are governed under dictatorship rule and the lives of the ordinary people are constantly subject to violent demonstrations and upheaval. Bloody battles of war continue to take their toll leaving thousands of the citizens of these countries homeless.

   When God created the world and gave man life He did so with love. Until man can nurture this love and give it freely to his fellowman the world shall always have nations at conflict with each other. The consequences arising from such atrocities will be that of all mankind becoming victims of the destruction and havoc which war always brings.


   What thoughts went through the mind of our first man when he encountered the wonders of the stars and the moon, the sun, wind and rain? Was he filled with a desire to worship such wonders? Did he feel compelled to offer what we would call a sacrifice to the sun and chant words of praise to the moon? Did he acknowledge a higher being that he called upon for direction? When the Aliens arrived did he think at first they were sent by the higher being to guide them?

   Religion had to start somewhere and if as I say Astral Travel is available to us, then it too, would have been common among our first ancestors. Their dreams would have had to have helped guide them through the many journeys they eventually would set out to take.

   While on these journeys many of the leaders of the groups forming the expeditions would have slept little preferring to keep watch and discuss among themselves the necessary plans for the following day. In time those who had not had the benefit sleep offers would have experienced what could be classed as hallucinations but in fact the lack of sleep would have given them a feeling of euphoria and made it possible for them to communicate with God as we know Hima higher being to them.

   What they experienced and what they communicated to their fellowmen could well have been the basis for the foundations of religion.

   How much can we attribute the ever present friction between man to the numerous denominations of religion? Religion and war have gone hand in hand since its inception and in our own history of time we have witnessed the refusal of the Church to intervene on behalf of man during times of war. While Hitler was creating the Holocaust the faith of the Jewish people helped hold a number of them together but many more would have been spared the horrors of world war two had the Church taken a stronger stand than it did.

   In earlier times could the religious rites carried out by man have lead to the seven deadly sins? Were the many human sacrifices performed excused in the name of religion?

   Power and greed has always been the evil force behind the reasons for the want to dominate man. Did the High Priests of the day see themselves as saviors warranting them to persecute man, not for man’s own good but for theirs? I for one have not been able to take seriously the religion I was brought up to believe in. We are        taught to practice what we teach but all the preaching in the world cannot convince me of the need for the churches in Rome and throughout the world to represent monuments of great wealth while the very people who are expected to support them are often left to fend for themselves among poverty and decay. Among the Ten Commandments that Moses brought down from the Mountain was there one that said "Thou shalt not build a house of prayer for your Lord but erect a church equivalent to a palace"? Not so according to the bible yet our cities all around the world are surrounded by churches which closely resemble the style and opulence of a kings castle. Many of them contain numerous works of art and can in themselves also be described as works of art requiring vast amounts of money to maintain.

   However, for religion to have succeeded it must have offered some form of comfort for the believers. Indeed it must be acknowledged that the Christian faith which is built on love for ones fellowman did provide a way for the people to live among one another with harmony and peace. As I have stated man was a caring person and time would have seen him taking under his wing a family comprising of one woman and the offspring arising from this union. The sanctity of marriage would have been introduced and in time the bonding of a man and a woman would have become a natural law sanctioned by both the churches and the governments.

   Many of the religious beliefs held by our churches are based on the teachings of Jesus Christ as set out in our Holy Bibles; each denomination of religion interpreting the various gospels and epistles to meet their particular needs and those of their followers.

   The beliefs taught by these religions have always been an essential part of the Christian way of life offering man solace and comfort in times of anguish. Many religions also offer to their faithful various religious rituals that they can participate in. The celebration of these ceremonies are important to man and without them many people would feel a great emptiness in their lives. However, it is when those who are empowered to administer the faith allow themselves to get caught up in the politics of the day and seek to step outside their religious roles that anarchy starts to rule and the true meaning of the teachings of Christ often become abandoned.

   Because throughout their history the ancestors of ancient man were subject to hypocrisy numerous religious sects evolved thus creating the worshipping of idols and gods and the offering of sacrifices.

   It is at this point that I would ask where does religion end and superstition take over? Were the ancient religious rites of long ago based on superstition because of man’s fear of the unknown? Did he believe that by worshipping the sun and moon he would be protected from the evils of life? Was he able to comprehend the wonder of day turning to night? The presence of a full moon would certainly have created both fear and excitement in man. Even today this wondrous sight can lead many a man a merry dance.

   Many of the superstitions that play a part in our daily lives are harmless, they add a little mystery to our everyday living and when taking with a grain of salt they can offer us a form of light entertainment. I personally always throw a little salt, whenever I accidentally spill it, over my shoulder for good luck and for years have trusted in the saying "See a pin pick it up all the day you’ll have good luck". Others avoid walking under a ladder and in show business it is customary to say to the cast on the opening of a first night "Break a Leg".



   When we summarise the ‘Six Digressions of Evolution’ we come to acknowledge the numerous struggles man faced from the time of his first step towards civilisation.

   Could he see today how far modern man has progressed would he wryly smile at his technology and the methods by which he developed them? In his heart of hearts would he want to attribute their design and forethought to a race of people who freely expressed their ideas to the human race who inhabited the world at the time of their arrival? (Yes man was responsible for inventing the wheel I would only ask who drew the first circle?) Would he be saddened to find that despite the technological progress man has made particularly in the communications area he is still unable to end the bitter feuding between himself and his fellowman?

   Even as I write the slaughter continues and nations are divided. Having reached the 21st century there are many still at war with each other and despite the efforts of the United Nations millions of refugees are homeless having been forced to flee their homelands and continue their lives elsewhere, some even as far away as Australia.

   The most frequent reason for wars can be related to the invasion of a country’s space and its territories and it is here that I would like to refer to another type of invasion, one that involves our own personal space.

   We cannot see space but we are aware that we are surrounded by it. Without space we would not exist. We need space in order to live our lives as individuals and when we feel our space is being encroached upon we often become restless and in fact may even sometimes suffer depression. Many of us have experienced an attack of claustrophobia. I have even been a victim to it sitting in one of the M.C.G.’s Grandstands (Melbourne Cricket Ground) while eating lunch with only a few of my fellow workmates.

   My reason for referring to space and why it is important to some of us to feel we need more than others is to raise the question—is the success of many of the athletes who take part in the Olympic Games, or other similar events, mainly attributed to their high resistance to being confined by the space around them and the atmosphere they perform in?

   As a young schoolgirl I was considered to be a fast runner but was never able to achieve the high standards expected of me because of my inability to cope with the large number of competitors made up from several other schools. Not because they could run faster than me but for the simple reason that the space normally afforded me to carry out my nightly practice runs was being invaded. As a result I would be overcome by the same feeling I still experience to this day whenever I am in a crowd or as was the case with the M.C.G.—unexplainable claustrophobia.

   Do the athletes who never achieve the glory of being either the first, second or even third place getters have their initial confidence drained from them because as they perform they are being robbed of the very space they require in order to reach their top level? Do those who always win and take with them the first prize, at the same time soak up the space around them, leaving behind an invisible shield which makes it impossible for any of the other athletes to pass them?

   Should we be considering this aspect when we are training our young athletes and should we be asking that further studies be carried out in order to find ways of overcoming the obvious dilemmas it can cause?

   If man has a problem coping with his own personal space then it is understandable that he will often engage in war like activities to protect his space and territory thus resulting in many of the world’s nations being continually at war with each other. To add insult to injury we then find that those who elect to help defend them and provide them with shelter are too often faced with objections and demonstrations by various groups who oppose the very idea of rendering aid to the victims of such wars.

   However, if as they say what comes around goes around, then I must ask is it written in the stars that the history of the world will always contain chapters that describe disorder and dissent among many of its different races of people? Can we alter fate? Would we even dare try?

   The computer program I have been using to write the pages of this story allows me to cut and paste sections of paragraphs whenever I choose. However, we cannot cut and paste at will the pages of history but we can and so often do copy history and inevitably repeat its past mistakes.

   Should we ever discover that the history of the Aliens I write of did in fact take place perhaps man would do well if he were to copy that time of history and in doing so leave behind for future generations a world once more filled with warmth and beauty, a Heaven on earth that God created for the benefit of all mankind.

CHAPTER 6    Top   Chapter 6   Chapter 7       (Reference back to Chapter 4)


"Walk behind me if you must, walk beside me if you trust but if you walk in front of me will I see through you?"

 Rose C Taylor 1973

   Back when I was a young schoolgirl I was taught to believe that we all had a guardian angel. It was not until I had a very close shave with another vehicle many years ago, not long after I obtained my license, that I sought out the help of such a being but chose to select my own. I have, since the age of nineteen, been a great fan of Elvis Presley and remembering that he played the part of a racing driver in one of his movies I called upon him to take over and teach me how to drive. As Elvis had passed away by the time of my near accident it was not an impossible request. I had for many years after the death of my late father-in-law, who had been an Accountant, called on him for help when I was experiencing difficulties with many of the large financial reconciliation's I would be working on. Since calling on Elvis for assistance in my driving I am happy to say that to this day I am more alert as a driver and to date have avoided any major collisions.

   My involvement with the spiritual world has been varied.

   When I was pregnant with my third child I woke up one night to see a small girl of a about five years old dressed in a white nightdress with a candle in her hand standing at the end of my side of the bed. She then proceeded to walk right up to me before her image disappeared. The next morning I announced we were going to have a girl—I had already given birth to two boys—and yes I did. I was not shaken by this vision but I must admit the father of my soon to be born daughter was.

   There are those who might interpret the visit by the small child as a prelude to an act of re-incarnation, however, as I have already said previously I do not follow that line of thought but prefer to accept her appearance as a message, that message being I would give birth to a baby girl.

   During my lifetime I have on several occasions been the last person to speak to someone before they have died so I am not phased when the spirits of those I have known while they lived on earth choose to visit me.

   When my girlfriend of childhood years visited me from New Zealand where we were both born and grew up together I spoke with her of her mother’s death and was able to relate to her the exact time and day it took place. I had not known the precise details from either previous correspondence or telephone conversations with my friend regarding her intended trip to Australia but had had a visit from the spirit of her mother one night and was curious to confirm if the spiritual meeting I had experienced coincided with the actual death of her mother.

   Apart from some impromptu séances I have never sought to deliberately speak with the dead or call upon their spirits to visit me. I would not class myself as a medium nor have I ever had any inclination to become a member of any spiritual sect.

   I shall not endeavor to write of all of my experiences but would like to share with you one that was very vivid and is still as clear to me to this day as when it took place.

    During my late thirties I became friendly with a beautiful young girl where I was employed. We became good friends and my children adored her. However, her life was to be short as she was diagnosed as having cervical cancer. I spent many weeks visiting her at the various hospitals she was admitted to and because her family lived in the country and did not visit her, the nursing staff assumed I was her mother. When she passed away they rang me to say that they would have her laid out for me and for me to come to the hospital.

   As her family chose to have her cremated I did not attend her funeral. I am not a believer in cremation and also could not bring myself to witness such an event.

   Some weeks after her death I awoke to see her spirit lying beside me;  she was clutching one of the teddy bears that she used to adorn her bed. Attending her needs during her illness had been very demanding and I knew that I could do no more for her, so, I picked her up and passed her completely over me and put her on the floor beside the bed and said "No ....... I can no longer help you—you have to leave me be." I know this incident may sound harsh to some but I instinctively knew that I had to be in control of the situation and the best help I could give her was to say a prayer for her. I offered a ‘Hail Mary’ for her and immediately felt resolved of any further obligation.

   Among one of my favorite encounters with the other side was when a very good friend of mine, who died at the age of 21 of a heart attack, visited me in a dream and took me by the hand and showed me Heaven. The beauty of it was such that there are times when I am out driving in the country that I can’t help hope that I might find it here on earth.

   Once when I got very close to finding such a place I was quickly disillusioned by the scattered rubbish left behind by those who had been there before me.

   I always dream every night or whenever I sleep and some dreams are very vivid. One such dream I could hear a large gathering of people having what I would describe as a picnic on the front lawn of the house I was living in. I could hear them running up and down the side of the house laughing and shouting, their sounds indicating they were having a good time. I have since concluded that, years before the suburb where I lived was developed for the purpose of housing, the land had been either a favorite picnic area or part of the sacred ground the Australian Aboriginals speak of.

   The line between the world of the spirits and the world of Astral Travel would have to be a very fine one but from my observations I would have to say that in order to enter one world you must learn to cross over that line and that is when your journey starts to take flight. There are many on the other side who are unknown to you who will seek you out to use you as a medium solely for their own reasons with no regard for your purpose for being there. When you are able to Astral Travel uninterrupted by spirits trying to hinder you, your own spirit will be free to reach the places and people who seek to communicate with you.

   I have experienced many disturbed periods of sleep by unknown spirits trying to invade my bed or the space surrounding it. I have learnt to banish them while sleeping but must admit it took years of practice to accomplish this. To believe that there is no afterlife, a belief held firmly by the skeptics, would rob me of my journeys with the unknown and pass them off as mere hallucinations. To pronounce upon my passing to the other side my spirit as null and void would mock my very existence and the soul I acquired at birth.

   In the stillness of the moment does not the breath of wind we feel when facing the next crossroad of our lives urge us towards the direction we should take? Does the soaring of a star across the room you are sitting in, while quietly meditating on the events of your day, have to be passed off as a mere flight of fancy? If you have felt the wind like I have and experienced the guidance of your own special star then I would have to say that you too are in tune with the ethereal beauty that radiates from ‘All things Bright and Spiritual’.

   I am often asked how old am I and when was I born? My favorite reply is that I was born ten thousand years ago and then ask the enquirer have they read the story of The Wandering Jew; if they have I then add "I am his sister!".

CHAPTER 7        Top   Chapter 7   Chapter 8


"Encouragement is the key to confidence"

Rose C Taylor 1973

   The ideas and theories expressed in my book would have Darwin turning in his grave. Scientists would view my expressions as sheer fantasy claiming such a book belonged on the shelves of Science Fiction while the Church would denounce all that I have dared to write as heresy.

   My own mother would have had a few turns in her grave but had we lived over a hundred years ago we would have both been burnt at the stake. Me for my questioning of the beginnings of life and her for practicing fortune telling. Yes in her own right my mother was a much sought after and believed fortune teller. Could not a story teller like me be one in the same thing?

   (Although I personally have never practiced the art of fortune telling nor for that matter had my fortune told—my mother would never read mine or those of my brothers and sister—I do believe that it supplies a need for those who believe in it. My only complaint is when persons of questionable character purport to be experts on the subject which in time because of their charlatan habits leads to the profession being given a bad name.)

   The purpose behind any story is to not only create mystery and suspense but allow us to be taken on a flight of fantasy that will eventually have us caught up in the chase and excitement of the plot. By extending our imaginations we weave ourselves into the roles of the hero or heroine. Some of us might feel the urge to reconstruct parts of the story. Our reasons may vary for wanting this change, believing in it is often a major factor, but deep down we know the author’s original work measures up to his expectations. Many others are comfortable with what they are reading and are quite content to accept it as written. The common thread between these lines and what I have written is not whether my story is believable but whether it compels the reader to want to explore its theories and in doing so perhaps help acknowledge that it could be plausible that the events arising from these theories, and that which I have felt compelled to write about, may well have taken place.

   Those of us that are born deaf, dumb and blind from the time of our birth are reliant on those of us with these senses to relate to them how we experience the world through sight and sound. They learn from us and come to believe in what we relay to them. Believing what we relate without being able to see or hear for themselves is a natural acceptance for them as daylight is to us. Is it unnatural then for any author to ask that these same rules be applied when reading his story? In my case can I dare to ask the reader to believe that our world was once visited by Aliens and during that period of time they lived and toiled side by side with man?

   If it were possible to travel back in time to the dark ages would we be hard put convincing those who we met up with that we had traveled via a time machine? When we related to them modern man’s ability to reach the moon and explore other planets around us through the means of satellites would they dismiss our story as sheer fantasy? Perhaps not, for if the time chosen by our time machine took us back to the era of when the Aliens were in reality already settled on earth, then the result in fact might well be that we find ourselves communicating with them.

   We may not be able to travel back in time but we can allow ourselves to explore the idea that man may well have been joined by a race of people who aided him during part of his journey through life.

   By permitting such an event to be part of the equation are we not more easily able to comprehend many of the remarkable developments man has contributed towards the making of civilisation as we see it today?

   As the author of this story I sincerely hope that I am not alone in attributing this theory as part of the history of man.


CHAPTER 8       Top   Chapter 8


"The world of illusions is full of conclusions"

Rose C Taylor 1973

   Chapter 8—‘Conclusions’—while giving us food for thought, it also brings home to us the many reasons why we might want to ask the question "Are we the Aliens?".

   Back around 1966, when I was in my late twenties, I was about to get into bed one night when, in the split of a second, I had, what I can only describe as an insight to the true understanding of life. I can remember saying to myself "so that is how it works". As quick as it came it went and I have never sensed that kind of experience since. I can live with that. I can also be optimistic that one day I will grasp the fuller meaning as to what it was I encountered all those years ago.

   As previously mentioned in chapter 4 on the subject of Astral Travel I have always been fascinated with time travel, and have experienced with my car the slowing down of time which happens as I was to learn—some time after my experiments—to jets as they come in to land.

   When we speak of time we are in fact referring to a man made measurement of the distance between the rising and setting of the sun. It is here that I would refer you to Chapter 2 Aliens/Man where I explain how the Aliens introduced to man their ways of measuring the length of a day and a night. From these observations we can begin to understand how time became a man made measurement.

   Although we cannot turn back time we can make it stand still. When I am listening to my favorite records and become totally engrossed in the music, I am unaware of all that is around me. I am so completely absorbed by what I am hearing that when the record comes to an end I am surprised to find that what seemed to me an eternity of musical bliss was in fact a duration of a few short minutes.

   The world is made up of several time zones and here in Australia, during daylight saving, some of our states operate under different hours to the one I live in. One of the longest days in my life was when I was traveling across the Nullabor during daylight saving. As Western Australia does not observe daylight saving, but is by Eastern Standard Time normally two hours behind Victoria, I thought the day would never end.

   Time is an equation of events that have been occurring since the world began to evolve. The presence of man on earth assured the absolute happening of future events which would eventually lead him into the twenty first century.

   Another fascination of mine has been numbers. Again before I was made aware that there was such a thing as numerology I was discovering the ways of numbers and the part they played in my life.

   Has all of this been my participation in the great communication of Astral Travel.? I guess I shall have to say yes in view of the many other events in my life that I can attribute to it.

   Although the science of Astrology is not spiritual in the sense of the word some might argue otherwise. The reading of what the stars have to say in our daily papers is a common practice among its readers. In times past no respectable Monarch would have commenced his business of the day without first consulting his court Astrologer. Those involved in the profession spend many hours preparing natal charts for their clients. I have not sought to have such a chart prepared but do read the Astrology column in the daily newspaper whenever I happen to have one on hand. An interesting experiment I carried out many years ago when on a visit back home to my place of birth, Dunedin, New Zealand; saw me looking up the day I was born in the daily newspaper. I was able to compile, from many of the events and news reported for that day in April so many years ago, quite a comprehensive list of coincidences that had occurred in my life so far.

   The two I remember most related to golf and horses. One of my brothers back then was very involved in golf and in time became the President of his local Golf Club. The same brother also owned several champion race horses at the time of my compiling the list.

   I found it to be an interesting and intriguing experiment and suggest that if you ever find yourself with a free afternoon and at loss for something to do, take a trip to the local library, if you can, of the city you were born in and head for the archives that hold copies of past editions of the daily newspapers. When you find the day you were born and start to summarise the events and news of that day I promise you will not be disappointed.

   As previously mentioned I have always been fascinated by numbers. The numbers in the day I was born have more significance for me than the time I was born. The truth in numbers lies in how we are governed by them through the calendar of our lives. The world relies on the importance of numbers, without them it would be in chaos. We depend on them to specify the hours we have worked in order to collect our wages in the same way the banks do to record our savings when we deposit them. All of our monetary systems are dependant on the simplicity of numbers making the movement of investments through the various stock exchanges around the world viable.

   Although there is no hidden mystery in numbers there are those that refer to the number thirteen as being unlucky, however, when the hardened gambler calls on lady luck for those magical sevens it would appear he is repeating a ritual that has been carried out for centuries.

   My association with the number 4 has always been in relation to money matters and the number 5 forming part of the address of a building or a residence will help maintain a peaceful and harmonious environment in which to either work or live in.

   In all my chapters I have spoken of many of the possibilities of life and how man has arrived at his time here on earth.

   We all have our own thoughts and feelings with regard to the meaning of life I just feel very strongly that there are answers in our everyday lives if we care to take notice of the many paths we take. Intuition can be a very powerful aid in helping us reach the right decisions and if acted on wisely can often bring about the realisation of our dreams and aspirations.

   We are all here for a purpose. Fulfilling that purpose is what we spend most of our lives trying to achieve.

   Understanding that purpose is what we call faith.

   Our very own existence leads us to believe that the past history of man, especially that which relates to the time of what historians describe as the ‘Stone Age’ inhabited by ‘cave man’, was the precursor to our modern age. The primitive existence of such a time gives much credence to the idea that man and the world he dwelt in could have been visited by a race of people from another planet thus paving the way for both them and man to build together the foundations of civilisation as we know it today.

   Since his inception man has contributed, through conscious thought, the ongoing progress of bettering his environment. His struggles and efforts to ensure his survival are well documented in the pages of history. However, it is man’s unspoken and unconscious thoughts that intrigue me. Like the millions of various frequency waves that provide us with our present day forms of communication we too emit millions of thought waves thereby forming a bank of creative data compiled of ideas waiting for the next step to be taken. These thought waves have always been part of man’s make up and without them his journey through life would not have been able to commence. The Aliens would have been well aware of the importance of thought waves and they would have relied on them to guide them to our planet.

   Making sense of a thought wave does not have to be difficult. We can often see the result of an idea, not openly expressed by us nor acted upon, realised. We may not have been given the due credit but our unspoken thought has been fulfilled in the way nature planned. Some may refer to it as a ‘sixth sense’, intuition’ or a mere coincidence but closer study of the many thoughts we have do in time become a reality.

   It is an interesting observation and one that will have you becoming more aware of its probabilities as you start to associate your own unspoken thoughts with events taking place around you.

   Our thoughts and ideas are not ours exclusively, they belong to the universe, and as you begin to understand the theory of thought waves you will find yourself coming to terms with the actual acceptance of your unrealised ambitions comfortable in the knowledge that they are being fulfilled through the active means of a creative data bank. Your ideas will start to flow more freely and you may even in your own time while here on earth be given full credit for them. Knowing that no thought is ever wasted is not only gratifying but a form of contentment available to us all.

   A great number of volumes have been written by our past and present historians pertaining to the mysteries of our world. My book and the contents of its chapters barely touch the tip of the iceberg. The iceberg being a giant pyramid, its heart an encyclopedia that will melt through time and be soaked up by those who are prepared to explore the very core of its being. Many writers have chipped at its sides their works presented to us in such a manner one needs to be a ‘Rhodes Scholar’ in order to read and study them and ultimately comprehend their meanings. My trickle of thoughts, which flow from the tip of the iceberg that I have endeavored to touch, are offered as light literary reading which I hope may give even the most ‘Doubting Thomas’ the inspiration to question further why we are we here, how did we get here and who we really are.

   Did we join as one with Aliens in a history yet to be discovered? Is it so hard to believe that we could have had such an alliance? Is the story of such an event having ever happened just that or an incident of wonder the world needs to know did occur?



The End




Note:  The character of Sheldon in the ‘Big Bang Theory’a sitcom produced at least 8 years after my writing of ‘Are we the Aliens?’and his ideas and proclamations can be found in many of the pages of ‘Are we the Aliens?’ Rose C Taylor November 22nd  2009.


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