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   Rose C Taylor (1973)


   And what am I


    I am a Man


Born of the womb, to live my span


To pace and step and dream and plan


To sweat and toil and lend a hand


To seek and find and know and learn


To laugh and cry and love and yearn


To rise and fall and wince with pain


To reach the top and fall again



And as I do I know somewhere


That there is one who'll share my fear


And as I reach and take his hand 


I come to know and understand


I am a Miracle - That's what I am



For who but Man can reach the moon


Explore the stars - compose a tune


Capture the mood of a setting sun


Give thanks to God when day is done



This much I know and I can tell


That through the years Time's taught me well


It's made me weak - it's made me strong


It's proved me right and found me wrong


It's showed me Heaven and offered me Hell


It's made me rage and scream and yell



Yes I've played Life's game as best as I can


But through it all I never ran


For win or lose I knew somehow


That He'd be there to soothe my brow

And as I reached and took His hand 


I came to know and understand


I am a Miracle - That's what I am



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The depraved mind and heinous activities of a Pedophile exposed...

Having My Say

by Rose C Taylor

For all the Children. We are their guardians.

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Strategic Publishing Group


The author was inspired to write ‘Poor Poppy and the Chocolate Man’ to help bring to the attention of all parents the realization that their children can become victims of a pedophile. At the same time she wishes to give the reader an insight into behind the scenes of the unknowing families, the law enforcement’s detectives’ efforts to help stamp out these ever increasing everyday heinous acts of behavior and the recognition for the introduction of harsher sentences.

The author also wishes to state that whilst the Australian Government has apologised to the stolen generation it is her heartfelt wish that through the pages of ‘Poor Poppy and the Chocolate Man’ a sincere apology will reach all of the children who have become victims of a pedophile.


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