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Back in September 2002 when I submitted Sunday Diversions 2 I made reference to Red Symon and his Symon Says antics.   However, it did not deter me from listening to Red most weekday mornings.

Like many listeners of ABC Radio 3LO 774 I shall miss Red and can only say that many mornings he made all of the members of our household feel better for the listening.

When it was related to me that our dear Lynn Faulty made comments that her ratings were just as good and that Red was not all that crash hot - or words to that effect - I was not amused that a colleague would behave in such a manner.

It will be the snooze button for me from now on once Red departs the ABC and it is my guess that I will not be the only one to hit it.

Counting sheep may not be a morning activity but with Lynn back on I won't really need to.

Update 2003:  Since publishing this Oz Edition I have been informed Red is currently negotiating a further 12 month's contract with the ABC for his return to the breakfast show.   Good on ya Red.

Update 26/12/06: Ho Hum who is Lynn?

"In your boot - that's what I say" -  Rose C Taylor 29/11/02


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