The Day the Trust Collapsed

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Taxy Bracksy Puddiny Pie


Kissed private businesses and made them cry


When the transport industry came out to play


Taxy Bracksy ran away


Blame it on Jeff he was heard to say


Sound familiar -  he repeats it at least three times a day


It's time Bracksy stopped recycling this spin


The place it belongs is the Garbage Bin

I am quite sure I am not the only person who is sick and tired of hearing Mr Bracks continually blame our previous Premier whenever things go wong.

When you put yourself up for election or as in Mr Brack's case re-election you must be prepared to accept the resposibility that goes with government.

It is going to be a very long four years Mr Bracks so please don't make it any harder for us the electorate to bear.

Update 30/12/06:  It was indeed a very long four years and now we have another 4 years to bear - Oh well you can't win them all.



"In your boot - that's what I say" -  Rose C Taylor 18/12/02


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