The Day the Trust Collapsed

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Hats off to all those people who took part in the Herald Sun's Survey.

If you are wondering why your answers don't tally up as you expected you need to be aware that first of all they have to be:

                      1..........collated or should that read collaborated

                      2...........coded or should that read corroded

                      3...........entered or should that read invented

                      4...........juggled and that should read juggled

Far be it for me to criticise the efforts of the 18000 of the 1.5 million Victorian readers of the Herald Sun,  which gives us an average of 1.2%   - but that is exactly the reason why I feel compelled to state my case.

When you do the statistics for the 3.7022 million people aged 15 years to 65 and over living in Victoria it gets even scarier, the 18000 participants average becomes a mere 0.48%.

Remember the results of this survey will be used to determine your future reading matter in this paper, which in turn, could in the fullness of time influence the many decisions facing our Government.

Now having said that my main gripe is that for six months I pounded the pavement conducting numerous surveys and the most important part of my work was choosing people at random and therefore all of our many diverse citizens, races, creed and cultures were covered.

My next gripe is that if you ask a question that leads to a negative result can we assume the survey gave multiple choices or more importantly the chance to state an alternative answer.

     e.g.    Has Australia become a better place to live in in the past 12 months?

 Yes/No - (Alternative Add On - If you answered no to the above question why not?)

   Most survey forms allow for a brief description from the person partaking in the survey.

Surveys can be very valuable, however, they must at all times be the result of not only the widest range of people possible but a true and correct selection of questions that present plausible and yes, honest answers.

I think Australia is a great place to live in, this year, last year and God willing many more years to come.

Update 5/01/07:   I would have to say the verdict is still out on this one.


"In your boot - that's what I say" -  Rose C Taylor 31/12/02


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