The Day the Trust Collapsed

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Old King Cole was a merry old soul that is until he called for his pipe in the middle of the night and was told he had to go outside and if that wasn't bad enough he was then informed he would have to sit by himself to eat his late supper.   When he called for his fiddlers three he was told they had left town because they were no longer allowed to go to the local swimming pool any day of the week that suited them.   Imagine his dismay when he heard that the RAAF Roulettes might no be performing at the Grand Prix.   On top of this it was made known to him that 'Duck under the Table' would be the only fowl being served this season.   Oh yes, he was soon to learn that any kind of tobacco he might want to buy he would have to remember it's name as it would no longer be on sight at his favorite store. 

Now the only thing I can't feel sorry about is the duck for if the current shooting ban was not put in place they too like the dinosaur could become extinct.

But I do take a stand on the other bans and would like to add that in the case of the tobacco and cigarettes that if they were to be banned altogether we could be faced with the prospect of prohibition being the order of the day not to mention the taxes the government would miss out on and surely they would have to replace the present tax by taxing us on some other items.

I hate to think what I am going to read in this Monday's paper and would have to say that "Monday bloody Monday" could well be the other side of "Sunday bloody Sunday".

Update 6/01/07:   Must admit that as of eighteen months ago I stopped reading the paper  but do confess to relying on the ABC/Radio for news.   This in itself provides me with enough challenges.

"In your boot - that's what I say" -  Rose C Taylor 11/01/03


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