The Day the Trust Collapsed

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While most of Australia is being ravaged by horrific bush fires which in turn, are destroying hundreds of homes and the lifestyles of many of our citizens, it is equally horrifying to see someone in the car in front of you - on one of the hottest days in Victoria - casually, without a thought, throw a lighted cigarette out of the car window.

It would appear that no matter how much the appropriate authorities try to educate the public with regard to the causes of fire it is damned hard to believe there will always be those among us who either just don't stop to think or just plain don't care.

While the majority of us may not be touched by the current fire disasters surely we must all be touched by the destruction the fires cause and in every way we can, no matter how small, show our respect for those who are in the line of fire.

Update 7/01/07:

"RESIDENTS of Kinglake, north-east of Melbourne, are breathing a sigh of relief after a bushfire that threatened to rip through homes was contained overnight (Sunday Herald Sun).

The fire, which is believed to have been sparked by arsonists, had residents in the Kinglake, Steels Creek and Dixons Creek areas, north-east of Melbourne, on high alert".

Reference: January 07, 2007 12:00am,21985,21023420-661,00.html

Why are they called arsonists?   I would have thought in this day and age terrorists would be more suitable!!!! (Rose C Taylor 7/01/07).  Update 10/12/09   The Day of the Fires


It is damned hard to believe that there is still a great number of people who think it is okay to use their mobile phones while driving.   

What will it take to stop this act of indifference?   More lives lost?   More expensive advertising campaigns?

Or could it be that once again we must all stop and think - switch off before take off - 

From my own personal experience, many years ago, this modern device helped save the life of a road accident victim and no doubt it still does but it does not need to be used while a car is in motion to have this effect.

Update 7/01/07:   "Switch off before take off" - Still sounds good to me.



"In your boot - that's what I say" -  Rose C Taylor 23/01/03


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