The Day the Trust Collapsed

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   Hickory dickory cricket 

  Shane took every wicket

He downed one pill

it makes you ill

to think this can mean he tried to fix it    

If a doctor cannot get it right, and in my case he didn't, what hope did Shane have.

As we are living in a world full of doom and gloom I hoped and prayed that the 'Holier than thou art' cricket board might have just for once seen past the "ooh you can't do that' attitude towards Shane and allowed all of us to continue basking in the glory he brought to Australian Cricket.

Let us hope that collectively we can remove the dragon from Shane's back.

Update: 18/11/03 -  Good to see that Shane is back practicising - I bet the Cricket Board wishes his twelve months were already up.  All the best for the new year Shane and may you and your family have a very happy Christmas.

Update: 10th October, 2004 - You have my best wishes and thoughts for your count down to the Test wicket - taking record while in Bangalore.   I for one have never stopped being one of your cricket admirers.

  Update: 15th November, 2004    It's not cricket Shane for you to comment on our Prime Minister - I was very disappointed and can only suggest as per the cricket board you stick to your knitting and put the needles where they will hurt the most.  
  Update: 10th June, 2005   At last the real thing - Congratulations Shane - Fanny Rush has given life to the little man at the Top  


Update:27th June, 2005   I never have or never will have time for kiss and tell women regardless of the situations involved.   Unfortunately the gutter snipe press of both England and Australia just don't know when to let and let live.   Know from this end Shane you always have our best wishes and thoughts for both you and your family.

Update: 30th December, 2006   What else can one say except that I do hope you and your family will have a great year in 2007and many more to follow.

Update: 1st January, 2007 (8.51 p.m.)  Thank you Channel 9 and congratulations for a most rewarding programme  "Goodbye Warnie" shown here in Melbourne 7-30 p.m (01/01/07).




"In your boot - that's what I say" -  Rose C Taylor 23/02/03


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