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"Mother & Son" along with "Some Mothers Do Have Them" - could not possibly hope to compete with "Mothers' Behaving Badly" - alas not soon coming to your favorite TV Station or should that be 'thank goodness'!!!!

The weeks just passed seem to have taken the attention of most radio stations to bring to our notice the rights of mothers wanting to feed their babies when and wherever they wish - I am not going to mention that one - I think by now we would all have had our fill.

But - Mothers-In-Law - unfortunately I have to admit I am one - well you see some of them are not liked for one million or two reasons - make mine 3 million - and when we are sent invitations to special birthday parties we would like to be warned to wear 'grunge' and that if you are a smoker, like half the guests at the party, be prepared to sit outside on a 2x4 plank/porch - you guessed it, it was raining - while the other half sit inside on chairs around two walls representing, for the best part of the evening, a doctors waiting room.    

Sorry I don't come from that school and I don't want to belong to it.


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In what seems to me now as another lifetime, alien2324au once worked for AMP and the group I trained with was nicknamed "The Dirty Dozen" because there were 13 of us.   Now I cannot tell you if any one of the 13 are still working with AMP but what I can tell you is -

1.   Our two week's training was fun, food and maybe sex for some.

2.   Our main objective was to convince the people we made appointments with that we knew more than them - sorry but I was caught out on about my third presentation.

3.   My forte was being successful in getting into big companies to set up weekly visits for their workers to discuss with me their insurance needs during their lunch breaks.   Among the companies I negotiated with were Repco, Kodak and The Ford Motor Co.

4.    I was told by AMP to go for it but not to expect any help from them - and the biggest blunder they made back then was to refuse to supply me with, or even deign to consider having printed, bilingual literature for me for the Ford Motor Company - Campbellfield - it was all that Ford asked for - seem ironic? - I am talking approximately 20years ago but hey, "Little Italy" was alive and swinging.

  As my profile elsewhere on this server states - I am a bookkeeper by trade - but alien2324au has been known to wear more than one hat.  

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