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One would have to be forgiven for confusing Jon Faine with the terrible duo that aunty has been infecting our screens with of late.   Yes, I am one of the very few who did not appreciate their brand of humor.   However, I digress, the point of this exercise is to determine whether Jon was popping happy pills this morning in order to alleviate the pain of his wrist and arm which he damaged while playing hockey last Monday evening.    I for one clearly got the impression that this could have been the case and was spurred on by his having had to pay a speeding fine recently, for no matter what anyone said on the subject he would not be convinced that all the speeding cameras put in by Taxy Bracksy must be regarded as faulty until proven otherwise.

It sounded like "If I had to pay everyone has to pay" -  get it together Jon or let hop-a-long (Cassidy) ride the air waves once again for you.    Pages


Update: 30/4/04 - On listening to the mothers meeting for fathers only this morning on Jon's conversation hour one could be forgiven for thinking that the group of people  who made up his guest list were establishing their very own hypocritical society.    

When a group of media journalists start bagging their own then I for one would have to ask what ever happened to ethics.   Normally I do not listen to the last hour of Jon's show but as Derryn Hinch was to be on along with the editor of the Age I allowed myself to be fooled I would hear good journalism.  In my book the subject, namely the two Sydney radio commentators' believe it or not debate, which was discussed by the holiest of holies in the last five minutes of the show should not have formed part of the conversation hour. 

"In your boot - that's what I say" -  Rose C Taylor 13/11/03



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