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                             WELCOME TO AUSTRALIA'S NO1 OLD FART'S CLUB






Although I am no longer a spring chicken and belong in the senior citizen's group it does not deter me from expressing my distaste at the number of old farts - and they don't necessarily have to be over 65 years old to be one - sounding off about issues they are no longer associated with, past their used by date or looking for media coverage when they should know they have well and truly had their 15 minutes of glory.

Therefore, the purpose of this page is to create the 100 most boring old farts Australia has and to start it off I would like to nominate the following:

Political: Malcolm Fraser - Goff Whitlam - Bob Hawke - Kim Beasley - Bronwyn Bishop Update 10/12/09 - This one is now back on the front bench of the Federal Liberal Party -God Help Us All!!!!

Sport: Dawn Fraser - Kevin Sheedy

Defense:  General Peter Gration - Admiral Alan Beaumont and if we include the other 41 people who attacked and accused the government of deceipt - we are nearly there.

Film & TV: John Woods  - George Negus

Radio/Other: Jon Faine - John Laws - Dr Hugh Worth - Terry Lane

Now leaving our current Prime Minister to one side or else I will nominate the opposition leader as an old woman (it is my theory that all men become one after they reach the age of 33)  so that when we reach 100 or more we can show our younger generation that we not only believe in a fair go for those that currently represent us, regardless of their political affiliations, but at the same time illustrate that we are prepared to, sooner than later, stand aside for them and in doing so demonstrate that we have faith in their ability to one day run this country, become actors, join our defense forces, win medals for us and in general contribute to our society.

Update 7/01/07:  If you wish to add your own candidate please send me an email.  No1 Old Fart to date, in my book, has to be Malcom Fraser.

Update 10/01/07:  Hewson slams PM John Howard's record - (The Age) - January 10, 2007 - 8:29AM - After reading this article I am prompted to add another category - "Has Been Old Fart".

And what of you have you been there 

Or is your time still to come?

Alas my friend if you don't know

Then time can't beat your drum

Rose C Taylor 1973

Reference 'Just Poetry'

Mr Hewson time beat your drum many years ago - face up to it.


Update 22/01/07: Jeff Kennet's joined the list of old farts - more to come

"In your boot - that's what I say" -  Rose C Taylor 10/08/04


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