The Day the Trust Collapsed

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The party is over, the shouting becomes a whisper and the could have beens still can't stop themselves from blaming everyone but themselves.   No I am not talking about the ALP and it's front bench I am referring to the elite band of people who constantly hit the talk back airwaves declaring that the majority of the Australian public have not only become selfish but are selfish. I have only one thing to say to these people -  back off.   I did not vote for myself - a retiree - I voted for the Country of Australia and the future of our younger generation and if you care to refer to my Sunday Diversions 28 you will understand why.  

Australians have always been among the first to come to the aid of those in need be it in the form of fire, famine or drought and therefore do not need to be insulted by the above group of people whom I would call "A rotten bunch of sour grapes".  

Update - 19/10/04


While we are on the subject of sour grapes is it just me or is it a "backdoor" - or should that read "doorstop" - attempt by 'Fuddy Ruddy' via as many appearances as possible on the ABC  to eventually challenge 'Hate em Lathem'  for the ALP leadership!!!!   On searching the Herald Sun on-line news of today's date I could not find one article associated with Kevin Rudd - but I have heard him constantly over the past week on 774 3LO Melbourne.


"In your boot - that's what I say" -  Rose C Taylor 15/10/04



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