The Day the Trust Collapsed

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More please, more please, you'd think his name was Dickens,

but wait I fear there's more to come 

 no doubt the plot thickens

 Victoria was once the Garden State alas we have new text

"Victoria rotten one day perhaps a fine the next"

So as Taxy Bracksy with his little Ollies reap in the big bucks

the rest of us just sigh and weep 

and the farmers say it sucks!!!!!

Footnote:  10/11/03  When I wrote this on the 14th September, 2002 it would appear I hit the nail on the head.

Update 12/11/04:   Eight million for information on our public system - now that really sucks!!!

Update 04/12/06: Well the people are still giving him their money - hope we still have some come 2010 -

Update 10/12/09   -  Bring on 2010 





It must be the name Mary - I have a sister named Mary who took Dux of the School many many years ago but when it comes to spending money where it counts and counting the pennies to be saved Mary Delahunty and my sister have a  lot in common.

Mary if you are going to compete with the technologists of today then do your home work.

Surely if every person I listened to last week was in opposition to you and your governments decision re the Basslink without a doubt it must be questioned more thoroughly and every possible effort be made to ensure that the right decision is made.

Now come on you lot you have money coming out of your ears so don't come the "Ooh it will cost too much" with us.   Good governments don't have continuous enquires into projects - what with your carrying ons we should still be waiting for the wheel to be invented. 

Update 14/12/06: Mary who?





"In your boot - that's what I say" -  Rose C Taylor 14/09/02



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