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In days of old when nights were cold


and tough men liked to play


Teams were formed


Rules were made


Football became the game


Supporters came from far and wide


Families swelled the stands


 And as the players swelled with pride


Action Jackson rubbed his hands


there was money to be made


the rest is history as you know 


But that is how the game is played



I am not a football fanatic by a long shot but I do enjoy listening to "When Saturday Comes" where I heard that once again Action Jackson had pulled on the purse strings and would not let the afternoon game between Adelaide & Collingwood be televised live.

Over the years I have never ceased to be amazed at the callous, cunning and conniving ways of the AFL.

Surely a game such as football, in these times of technological advances, could be and should be enjoyed by all those people who are unable to attend matches but are willing supporters of the game.

It's a numbers game Action Jackson and from all accounts the numbers are down and more than likely to go down even further.

Remember Jacko it's the people that count.     

Update 4/12/06:   Things haven't changed much - I get the impression  Andrew Demetriou thinks he is above Caesar. 



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