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Taxy Bracksy sat on the wall


Taxy Bracksy had a great fall

All his faithful ministers and the rest of   

the team

Couldn't repair the great leader's


I however, have not been dreaming but in reality have just returned from the Sunshine Coast where for the first time in a very long time I was not subject to being treated like a leper because I smoke.

My husband and I spent a very relaxing week strolling the promenade and having lunch and dinner overlooking the sea at many of the wonderful restaurants provided for the tourists and the locals.

When inside a restaurant provision was made outside or at the bar to enjoy a cigarette with my wine.

I even managed to find a hokey pokey place to have a little fun and once again was able to smoke if I wanted to.

While we have talk back radio hosts adding their sarcastic remarks to both the gambling and smoking habits of Victorians along with the do-gooders wanting more bans put in place we will as I see it have a very great number of people without jobs and that my dear reader is not an illusion. 

Update - 15/10/04  Looks like the politically correct people are winning!!!   By the way I gave up smoking more than a year ago but I am still on the smoker's side.

Update 25/12/06:   I am still on their side.   I still don't smoke.

"In your boot - that's what I say" -  Rose C Taylor 23/10/02


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