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Promises, promises, they all started back in the Garden of Eden when that sneaky snake offered Eve that damn apple and promised her that if she ate it the Kingdom of Heaven would be hers.                                                                    

Sound familiar - well promises galore are the flavor of the day at the moment and we the voters are expected to believe in every one of them.   Is it any wonder we tune out when the political ads come on our television sets - surely in this day and age we should be exempt from re-cycled repetitive advertising.   Apart from the disgusting waste of taxpayers money they are mostly mind-boggling or downright unbelievable.   Dare one also say "boring".

When I was a young girl my late mother's favorite reply to any preposterous promise was "have a banana".

In good faith I offer it as my contribution to those who continue to offer us promises that we know will never be fulfilled.

May I also offer a toast to the politician who leaves no stone unturned in his efforts to qualify his pre-election pledges if elected, as a member of parliament, regardless of which political party he represents.  




"In your boot - that's what I say" -  Rose C Taylor 16/11/02



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