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One does not need to be a Rhodes Scholar to understand that a certain journalist from way back deems to make a living from knocking politicians in general.    However, last Friday he was on the point of desperation in his efforts to promote his latest book and I for one took great exception to his attitude towards our Prime Minister Mr. Howard.

It is very easy to hide behind the scenes via a radio station's conversation hour and spill forth the wisecracks which apparently make up his book.   What I would question is his ability to face the constant array of difficult situations that Mr. Howard has had to face since he first took on his current role.   In my book it's takes courage not charisma to allay the fears of his countrymen and he has shown this quality numerous times over the past few years.

If Mungo Jungo is comfortable with the way he makes a living then fine but next time he is promoting one of his "here today gone tomorrow" mumbo jumbo scribes could  I dare suggest he leaves the air waves free of such bias Bolshevik Bull#*#*.

May I once again leave you with one of my favorite quotes -

It is far too often we appraise a man 

for what he is worth

Rather than praise him for what he has done

Rose C Taylor 1973

 Update 25/12/06:  Like I have said in other pages Mungo who?



"In your boot - that's what I say" -  Rose C Taylor 15/11/02





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