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Is Tony Abbott the Third Man?




The Day the Trust Collapsed

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       Roll out the Bowler


Kevin Rudd's Daily Prayer

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Controversial and Satirical Aust Current Affairs


Tony Abbott's Daily Scare

 Sunday Diversions 2 Page Down

Welcome to the Australian Losers Party - Meet Minister Spleen and his three blind ministers

 Members Needed

No more Honeymoons


Found in America

 Sunday Diversions 3

Welcome to the Victorian More for Me Less for You Party - Meet Taxy Bracksy and his Ollie Twists

 More Pleeese




 Sunday Diversions 4

Welcome to the Hokey Pokey No Smokey Party - Meet Puff the flying Dragon

 It's Hocus Pocus Time


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 Sunday Diversions 5

Welcome to the all for one and none for all Party - Meet  Action Jackson

 What else is new





 Sunday Diversions 6

Welcome to the way we were Party -  What price Liberty?

 It's time to care




 Sunday Diversions 7

Welcome to the full of illusions Party - Meet the Tricked you again Master

 More Hoax us Poax Us Time




 Sunday Diversions 8

Welcome to the promises to be full of promises Party - Meet more of the same

 Re-cycled Promises




 Sunday Diversions 9

Welcome to the Old Knockers Party - Meet the old Ham err

 Mumbo Jumbo Time




  Sunday Diversions 10

Welcome to the spin it halve it doubt the rest Party - Meet the Spin Doctors

 Come in Spinner


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  Sunday Diversions 11

Welcome to the Christmas without Santa Party - Meet the party poopers

 Who's the party pooper




 Sunday Diversions 12

Welcome to the I like to beat my own drum Party - Meet the band's dragon

 It's boom boom time




  Sunday Diversions 13

Welcome to the how to run a party Party - Meet the fun at last people

 It's a winner




  Sunday Diversions 14

Welcome to the popular myth Party - Meet the party that isn't a party

 Put the blame on Jeff boys


Page     k  DoThewn


  Sunday Diversions 15

 Welcome to the three strikes and you're out Party - Meet the test breakers

 It's a testing time


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  Sunday Diversions 16

Welcome to the surveying the survey Party - Meet the verdict makers

 It's pen to paper time




  Sunday Diversions 17

Welcome to the "If you can't beat em ban em" Party - Meet the Veto Party 

 It's prohibition time




  Sunday Diversions 18

Welcome to the "Sacred Cow" Party - Meet the milk em till they're dry mob

 It's spread the butter time


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  Sunday Diversions 19

Welcome to the it's damned hard to believe Party - Meet the rule breakers

 It's believe or not time




  Sunday Diversions 20

Welcome to the in one hand and out the other Party - Meet the ball beakers

 It's hard to credit time




  Sunday Diversions 21

 Welcome to the "If you can't stand the heat get out of the country" Party -  Meet the terror stalkers

 It's time to beat your drum


   Sunday Diversions 22

Welcome to the protect us from the Bombards Party - Meet the friends of the ABC

 It's yabba-dabba-blabba time


   Sunday Diversions 23

Welcome to the it's just not cricket Party - Meet the breakers of the Test

 It's roll out the bowler time


   Sunday Diversions 24

Welcome to the Mothers Behaving Badly Party - Meet the tail behind the scenes

There lies a tale

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   Sunday Diversions 25

Welcome to the True Believers Party - Meet the bleeding hearts brigade

 It's make mine milk time


   Sunday Diversions 26

Welcome to the Catch of the Day Party - Meet the fishy story maker 

It's Snapher time


   Sunday Diversions 27

Welcome to the look at me look at me? Party - Meet the crashing bore

Is it feigning it time?

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   Sunday Diversions 28

Welcome to the ALP X Factor

Our current leader's morning prayer


   Sunday Diversions 29

Welcome to the Australian Biased Party - Meet the backers of the Australian Losers' Party

Is it an ill wind blowing up a storm ?


   Sunday Diversions 30

Welcome to Australia's No 1 Old Fart's Club

It's time to meet the farting ventriloquists


   Sunday Diversions 31

Welcome to the "Bunch of Sour Grapes Party"

This is not your favorite chardonnay!  


  "In your boot - that's what I say"

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