ARE WE THE ALIENS? A QuestioningToby Rose C Taylor    "For     "For  who but man can reach the moon, explore the stars compose a tune, capture the mood of a setting                       setting sun, give thanks  to God when day is done "    Rose Taylor 1973         

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The purpose of 'Are we the Aliens?' is to explore several theories which lend themselves to further evaluation and in doing so let you the reader dispel or qualify them. It is my intention to submit each chapter and its contents as I see them, and feel them, but in no way would I try to scientifically prove what I put to pen or paper.                                          

The story itself is set out in chapters one and two but continual reference is made to its theme in the remaining six chapters.                                          

Their content makes not only interesting reading but also offers the reader a choice of options to consider.    

Although thought can be given to the possibility of the ideas expressed, their belief, however, is left entirely up to the creditability the reader may care to give. 

Rose C Taylor - July 1998     

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