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               Freelance Special Extra & Author


General Information

           Name: Rose C Taylor

Email: alien2324au@yahoo.com.au

 General Informationral Information


EQUITY NO: 301917    NATIONALITY: N. Z.  Australian Resident since 1956  nee Huala Rose Catherine Cecelia McCorkindale


Just Ben Tribute

McCorkindale Coat of Arms
 McCorkindale Coat of Arms

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 Workshops/Training WORKSHOPS -TRAINING   

                                    Richard Sarell - General workshop including Auditions for TV

                                    Michael Wansborough - Acting/Theatre

                                    Showbiz - Acting 2 for TV and Film

                                    Betty Bobbitt - Acting for TV and Film


                                    I have 10 - 15 years experience in the Film and TV Industry

                                    and have featured as a special extra in a great number

                                    of Australian Films and numerous TV Series.

                                    I also was featured as guest cast for Blue Heelers.

                                    COMMERCIALS: T.A.B. Float Commercial - 4 Days Spectator

                                    Lays Potato Chips - 1 Day Train Passenger          

  TV/Films & Other   RANGE OF FILMS & TV SERIES    page down

                                    Man from Snowy River - Featured Hotel Guest - Blue Heelers - Regular Hotel Patron

                                    Feds - The Coroner - Halifax - Mercury - Genie Down Under - Country Practice

                                    Janus - R.F.D.S., Secrets - Frontline - Pheonix - Noah - Sea Change

                                    Garbo - Lucky Break - Angel Baby - Dancing Foot & Preying Angel - Jack the Ripper


                                    During my fifteen years with the industry I have been cast as a special extra

                                    which also included continuity filming and was cast as a schizophrenic for Angel Baby.  page down

                                    While working with Richard Sorrell at his workshop I took part in several

                                    small roles and completed a mock audition for Embassy.

                                    My experience has also taken me to amateur theatre where I was asked to

                                    play the leading role in Steel Magnolias.

                                    As part of my general curriculum I have compared fashion parades,

                                    performed public speaking duties and conducted several demonstrations.

                                    I am responsible for creating this web page and biography.

                                    I also have completed a creative writing course at Footscray TAFE.

                                    My short story titled “The Epistle” was chosen to head a book published by the University;

                                     it is comprised of stories submitted by the class students. 

                                     Over the years I have centered my creative interests on my web site

                                    Are we the Aliens? and my writing.  Two of my short stories have been submitted to the

                                    ABC Short Story Competitions; currently I have a  poem titled "Summer Sun" entered in the

                                    2009 Bayside Poetry Competition.  

                                   I have also assisted in the editing and creation of preliminary web sites.

                                   During 2006 I obtained my Aged Care Certificate111 which involved caring for the aged in

                                   'Age Care Facilities'.

                                   In 2007 I  was accepted  to return to University to study Professional Writing and Editing part time.


My website www.arewethealiens.com has been available on the worldwide web since the year 2000.  I enjoy a great number of visits and my site includes pages such as A Tribute to Ben,” Australian Current Affair Articles;  my poetry, and my short stories. The page which is titled “Having My Say” allows visitors to my website to keep up to date with my contributions to the comment pages of Melbourne’s  on-line newspapers.

During the past year I completed my story "Poor Poppy and the Chocolate Man" and it is currently being prepared for publishing.  Watch this space.

Kevin Rudd's Daily Prayer Tony Abbott's Daily Scare

Is Tony Abbott the Third Man?



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