The depraved mind and heinous activities of a Pedophile exposed...

Having My Say

by Rose C Taylor

For all the Children. We are their guardians.

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The author was inspired to write ‘Poor Poppy and the Chocolate Man’ to help bring to the attention of all parents the realization that their children can become victims of a pedophile. At the same time she wishes to give the reader an insight into behind the scenes of the unknowing families, the law enforcement’s detectives’ efforts to help stamp out these ever increasing everyday heinous acts of behavior and the recognition for the introduction of harsher sentences.

The author also wishes to state that whilst the Australian Government has apologised to the stolen generation it is her heartfelt wish that through the pages of ‘Poor Poppy and the Chocolate Man’ a sincere apology will reach all of the children who have become victims of a pedophile.




PREFACE     S y n o p s i s       Update

   If such a time existed that on a planet far from earth there lived beings other than man then it would have to have been a very long time ago.   And if this planet was inhabited by highly intelligent creatures of fair skin and delicate features but not unlike man in stature then it would, as I see it, have been a place of exceptional beauty and wonderment.    

   Well organised cities would have been the order of the day.   On the streets, linking to the heart of each city, the inhabitants bustling along them would have been dressed in garments of the finest wool and raw silk.   Their dwellings would have been adobes not unlike the mud brick houses of today and surrounding these dwellings meticulously kept landscaped gardens, fountains and gazebos.                                      

   The government of the day would have been run by the elders of each community, earning this right, because of the wisdom gained by them over the years they inhabited this planet along with their contributions to the development of their fine cities.

   "At the hub of each city there would have been meeting places and it is here that they would have exchanged their ideas and taken time out to converse with each other. It is my belief that the record keeping of their history was unique in that each of them stored their knowledge deep within their minds.  Their rendezvous would not have been casual hellos but more akin to litanies of information.    It was through this daily ritual of sharing information that they began to realise that their planet's levels of natural resources, vital for the continuation of their everyday needs, were running dangerously low.   

   Collectively they knew from the data banks of facts and figures shared among them that it was imperative that other planets be explored in order to save their civilisation from extinctionthey particularly would have wanted to be certain that when they were ready to commence such an exploration the space ships they would need to build would take them to a planet that was abundant with the necessary minerals needed to sustain their lifestyle.    They knew their planet was old, they now knew its rivers were starting to dry out and its very earth no longer the fertile land it once was."        page down

   Rose C Taylor - July 1998 (10 years ago). Update September, 15th 2008 (Australia Time): As I re-read the two previous highlighted paragraphs I began to think I was writing about Melbourne and/or Australia.  Back in 1998 I was not aware of global warming etc. nor of what would be Australia's current water problems. 

   As I said in my Author's Note: (refer Home page)

   "The purpose of 'Are we the Aliens?' is to explore several theories which lend themselves to further evaluation and in doing so let you the reader dispel or qualify them. It is my intention to submit each chapter and its contents as I see them, and feel them, but in no way would I try to scientifically prove what I put to pen or paper.                                          

   The story itself is set out in chapters one and two but continual reference is made to its theme in the remaining six chapters.                                          

   Their content makes not only interesting reading but also offers the reader a choice of options to consider.    

   Although thought can be given to the possibility of the ideas expressed, their belief, however, is left entirely up to the creditability the reader may care to give. 

   Rose C Taylor - July 1998"

   No doubt many meetings took place resulting in the government and representatives from all cities assembling in order to plan the necessary journey into space.   Such a meeting would have brought about the nomination of selected members, both male and female,  from their communities to take part in the carrying out of this expedition.

   There would have been both fear and excitement in the air as the time drew near for the departure of the spaceship.   It would be expected that many hours of labor and preparation would have gone into the construction of the craft which would be used for this pilgrimage.

   It would have been their finest.                                                                                            

   As we discover in 'Are we the Aliens?' their maiden voyage was successful in that they chose to land on earth.  What they saw filled them with great hope.   Their spirits were high, the path they took led them to an adventure I hope you will follow with the same anticipation I experienced when writing of it.

   Rose C Taylor - July 1998

                            S Y N O P S I S        page down

   The story of ‘Are we the Aliens?’ is a questioning on the beginnings of civilisation and a time when man could have been visited by a highly intelligent race of people who took a journey into space for the purpose of finding an alternative planet to settle on in order that their race of people would not perish. They were aware their planet was dying.

   Chapters one and two are devoted to the Aliens journey to earth, their eventual meeting up with man and the result of an alliance formed between them that, for a period of time, saw them living and toiling side by side. Submitted are selected paragraphs from both these chapters:

   Chapter 1 - ‘Aliens’ - Chapter 2 -  'Aliens/Man'

   Since the beginning of time man has questioned how, why and when he was created and come to form what we call the human race. Did we evolve from fishes? Did we descend from the apes?

   Or, are our genes a throwback to a race of people who came from outer space and by doing so contributed to the beginnings of civilisation and the course of history that ancient man would come to take? If the latter is the case it could be argued why was the first man so primitive? However, if aliens had in fact infiltrated our planet they could well have established themselves in any one of the great continents of this world unbeknown to our forbearers.

   It is my theory that God, having created the universe, and thus our planet, then took his idea of man until His thought became a reality. (His idea became a thought His thought became matter - refer chapter 3 Thought becomes Matter). Having achieved this, I pose the questiondid this creation also take place on another planet? Were the beings from this creation more intelligent? Was our planet more unique than others and were these beings destined to reach it? Have "we" already reached it and if so have "we" already won the day?

   Someone once said that when you were born was a biological accident. I am suggesting a biological accident could have occurred thousands, if not millions of years ago. We all know that man has in our time reached the moon. Could his constant drive to reach other planets be a psychological urge to find his original beginnings?

   If, before the ‘big bang’ the universe and its planets were within reach of each other, could not a highly intelligent race of people searched for life on other planets much in the same way as man is doing to-day? If this were the case they, as I have previously stated, may well have set up base on earth.

   The remaining six chapters are made up of ideas, theories and actualities that relate back to the main theme of the story and they are outlined as follows together with one or two paragraphs taken from each chapter.

   Chapter 3 - ‘Thought becomes Matter’ - looks at evolution and the universe while at the same time takes the reader back to the creation of mankind and highlights how the ideas and thoughts of man have always been an integral part of the processing of matter.

   The masterpieces and great works of our past and living composers together with the vast collection of paintings we are privileged to view in the art galleries spread around the world are yet a further example of the process of ideas and thoughts becoming matter.

   When Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Cistern Chapel his ideas erupted showering the ceiling with what can only be described as a brilliant kaleidoscope of colors. His saint like impressions jump out at you and this great work of art with its life like angels and cherubs allow us to embrace the very presence of heaven. These great past masters of art would have to be perfect examples of ideas and thoughts which have without a doubt become matter.

   They say that necessity is the mother of invention, however, the greatest invention known to us is the mind of man. His ability to create ideas which in turn have become matter have always led to turning points in history. Without mans curiosity and his desire to create, whether it be a work of art, a lilting melody, a best selling novel or a simple meal to accompany his wine, we would be denied the very joy they afford us.

   The more we explore this theory the more we are able to see around us the results of its process and how with the passing of time man has continued to put the wheels in motion to develop from his ideas better cities to serve the needs of his people.

   Chapter 4 - ‘Astral Travel and the Great Minds of the Past’explores how man has and can communicate with not only those of the past but also of the present and the importance it has and does play in the life of man since his creation.

   Many of us never realise all of our aspirations yet we see them being performed by others around us and can often be heard to say "I could have done that". I firmly believe that through Astral Travel we have the ability to communicate to others our solutions and ideas towards particular problems and projects. If the Aliens did in fact arrive on earth then they too would have used this means of ‘getting in touch’ with their own kind back on their planet.

   Chapter 5 - ‘The Six Digressions of Evolution’ - give us an insight into how and why man was created and the many diversions, governments, religions and wars to name but a few, that have shaped and altered his history.

   Chapter 6 - ‘All things Bright and Spiritual’ has us looking at the other side and its unknown quantities and what we can and do experience from our connections with this medium.

   Chapter 7 - ‘Can We Dare Believe?’ - lets us expand our imaginations and allows us to further question the ideas contained in the story. It takes us on an imaginary journey with man and the Aliens at the time in our history when it could be said, that they together with man, were responsible for the development of the world as we know it today.

   Chapter 8 - ‘Conclusions’-while giving us food for thought it also brings home to us the many reasons why we might want to ask the question "Are we the Aliens?".

   As previously mentioned all of the preceding six chapters relate to the theme of the story and it is in the reading of their contents that we are able to capture the very heart and soul of there being such a time in the history of the civilisation of man.

   Rose C. Taylor.

Note:  With regard to the character of Lester in the ‘Big Bang Theory’a sitcom produced at least 8 years after my writing of ‘Are we the Aliens?’his ideas and proclamations can be found in many of the pages of ‘Are we the Aliens?’ Rose C Taylor November 22nd  2009.


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